Roomy and practical if not wonderful to drive. New engine provides a bit more thrust than the old one.

What’s new? The engine. Or, rather, 10bhp of it. This HDi 120 (118bhp) replaces the older 108bhp model, in the process reducing the 0-62mph time by half a second to 12.9sec. The top speed’s up by 1mph to 111mph.

What’s it like? Fairly nice, as it happens. Smaller MPVs or more dynamic ones like Ford’s S-Max are nabbing more headlines, but when it comes to practicality, there’s no substitute for cubic inches. The 807’s massive and all MPVs should have sliding rear doors like it does. The interior design’s novel too. The revised drivetrain’s smooth, the engine a little tardy at lower revs but responsive further up the rev-range. It’s quiet at idle and on the motorway; less so around town. Generally, the 807 rides well, and steers acceptably, but is not the most dynamic MPV, or MAV, or whatever they want to call them.

Should I buy one? If a compact MPV is just too, well, compact, and an S-Max is just too rakish, actually you could do a lot worse. See also: the Citroen C8, which is much the same.

Matt Prior

Matt Prior
Title: Editor-at-large

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