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No turbo for the Suzuki Swift Sport, but this 1000kg pocket rocket won't weigh you down

We have a soft spot for the Suzuki Swift Sport of 2010-17, a result of its puppyish, naturally aspirated 1.6-litre engine, crisp suspension and accurate steering. 

Suzuki Swift Sport 1.6, £5750: It was facelifted in 2012, when it gained a sixth forward gear, firmer suspension and a more rigid front subframe and steering bracket. All these refinements and still it registered just 1045kg on the scales. Together, they kept the Suzuki Swift on top of its game at a time when rivals were moving to lustier turbo motors. 

Prices for facelifted Sports start at around £5000, and these are 2012- and 2013-registered cars with only around 50,000 miles under their wheels. That’s fun motoring on the cheap. 

Swift sport new pic

We found a privately advertised 2013/63-reg with 52,000 miles for £5750. A little strong, granted, but the one-owner car has full Suzuki service history. It was last serviced only in March, when it had new brake pads fitted. It’s finished in black and is the three- rather than the five-door version; not as practical, true, but to these eyes, it looks better. 

What should we check for? Its full Suzuki service history means it’s likely to have had its 9000-mile oil changes (fully synthetic 0W-20) carried out on the dot, and new rear brake piston seals fitted as part of the 2015 recall. The engine has a timing chain rather than a belt, so little to worry about there. Round at the gearbox, we’d ensure all is smooth and quiet. 

Suzuki swift sport


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The sportier Suzuki Swift’s chirpy character is preserved, and with the bonus of more power and more tech. Handling could be more responsive, but it's fun nevertheless

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Inside the car, we’d check the warning lights haven’t come on for the ABS (often caused by an ECU problem) or the engine management (a dirty oxygen sensor). 

And that’s it but for a little haggling. 

Renault laguna coupe

Renault Laguna 2.0T Coupé, £2895: Seven years since it was last in the new car price lists, the Laguna Coupé is still a looker. We found a tidy, one-owner 2008-reg 201bhp 2.0T 16v GT with 111,000 miles. Sounds a lot but it has full service history – although, worryingly, it’s had a new turbo…

Toyota 260z 

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Datsun 260Z, £11,995: We’ll want to go over it with our special ultra-fine-toothed comb but, at first glance, this 98,000-mile, 1978-reg Z looks the business. A shame it’s the slightly strangulated 260 rather than the freer-flowing 240 and the 2+2, not the two-seater. Still, it’s condition that matters most.

Porsche panamera turbo

Porsche Panamera Turbo, £39,450: Here’s a 2012-reg Panamera Turbo that’s done just 28,000 miles. Seems a waste of 493bhp but we’re happy to make up lost ground. Only thing is, it’s had just three services, although all by Porsche. It’s not what you’d call cheap but it cost around £100k new.

Honda prelude

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Honda Prelude 2.0i auto, £999: Oil tight and not a speck of rust – the engine bay of this 108,000-mile, 1997-reg Prelude looks fabulous. Naturally, the body is a little scuffed in places but it’s nothing serious. That it has just been serviced, has four new tyres and a near full service history will do for us, especially at this price.

Auction watch

Alfa Romeo 155 2.0 16V: You’ll need a brass neck to drive this down the high street but look past the mock Gabriele Tarquini BTCC livery and you’re gazing at one of the 1990s’ best ‘if only…’ cars. The 2.0-litre Twin Spark engine was a peach and this car is the Series 2 wide-body version of 1995 that looked so much better than the less aggressive Series 1. It was great to drive but let down by poor build quality and dodgy electrics. 

Alfa 155

This 109,000-mile example has good service history and, according to the auction house, is in tip-top condition. The hammer fell at just £1332.

Get it while you can

Mitsubishi asx

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Mitsubishi ASX 1.6 Juro, price new - £19,585, price now - £16,895: The ASX isn’t the last word in mid-sized crossovers, but this 2019/19-reg car does represent a whopping £2700 saving on the new price. It has done just 25 miles so comes with virtually all of its five-year/62,500-mile warranty intact. What’s more, deals like this one won’t be around for long because, later this year, Mitsubishi is kicking the 1.6 Juro and its brothers, the 1.6 Black and 1.6 4 Diesel, into the long grass, to be replaced by a 2.0-litre version. Could be your last chance to pick up a crossover bargain. 

Clash of the classifieds

Brief: Chaps, find me a fun and economical car for £5000, please.


Suzuki Swift Sport, £4750: When looking for a car that’s entertaining but economical, you’ll need something that’s lightweight and small with a gutsy engine. A Suzuki Swift Sport – as this week’s second-hand star has reminded me – fulfils all of those criteria and gives you an added dollop of high-revving fun. The example I found is a one-owner car with a full service history and a relatively modest 58,000 miles showing. And it has recently had four fresh tyres fitted so should be a sound used buy. Plus, you’ll have £250 spare to spend on, perhaps, a swift weekend getaway… Max Adams

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Renault Wind, £4995: What’s in a name? Quite a lot, it seems. The Wind was undoubtedly a breath of fresh air even if it failed to take off. Some thought it was short of puff but the little car had enough gust to make it a bit of a blast. It can waft, too, and you’ll see more than 40mpg. It also has an electric roof so you can cut the breeze in style. This one has done a mere 22,000 miles, has a full service history and looks fab in its best Gordini finery. It’s one of only 200 built so already a collector’s item. Mark Pearson

Verdict: Sniggers aside, the Wind is the one that fills my sails. 

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xxxx 7 June 2019


or Swift. It's little wonder new car sales are falling. The Swift looks better than the new gen version has a similar equipment level and will probably do another trouble free 80k miles owing to Suzuki realiability.

The Wind, if you're in a 2 car family why would you'd spend £5k on Fiesta/Corse etc, when you could run this Wind for 3 years with next to no depreciation and have some summer fun.

catnip 7 June 2019

xxxx wrote:

xxxx wrote:

.... It's little wonder new car sales are falling. The Swift looks better than the new gen version has a similar equipment level and will probably do another trouble free 80k miles owing to Suzuki realiability.

Not just that, but unless you want an SUV, manufacturers are offering little to attract the younger buyer. The other day I saw a lad getting into his recent model 3-door Corsa, complete with nice metallic blue paint job, black alloys and a mild bodykit,  probably only a small engined version. What would he buy when he goes to his Vauxhall dealer in 6 months time? Vauxhall aren't the only manufacturer following this pattern, of course, but few younger drivers are going to want the same 5-door saloon or SUV that their parents and grandparents drive.