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Want to buy a car that’s unlikely to drop in value? We show you how

Buying a car purely as an investment seems like a bit of a shame, especially if you’re going to stick it in a hermetically sealed room and never touch it in the hope its price bloats while you’re not looking. 

However, if you want to buy,
 own and enjoy something a little bit special, and justify the cost somewhat by offsetting it against a rise in value... well, that’s a completely different story. And despite the
tales you’ll hear of £115,000 Sierra Cosworths and £38,000 Peugeot 205 GTIs, it’s still possible to do buy an appreciating car for a very reasonable amount of cash. A fact that’s proven by these 10 cracking used buys, all of which should be great fun to drive and have the potential to gain pounds even as you take them out for a
sunny weekend drive. 

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si73 29 August 2017

Non rusty mx5

These are really hard to find, most have mot fails on seatbelt mounting etc due to severe corrosion, cheaper and less rusty is an mgf, most head gasket issues are sorted by better gaskets by now so they can be just as reliable and as much fun, tfs are also cheap.

Will86 19 August 2017

My choice...

Honda Civic EP3 Type R. Prices for the really good ones already seem steep and given naturally aspirated cars are such a rarity today, especially revving to near 8k I can see a lasting appeal particularly with Honda's reliability. Just watch for the tin worm.