Currently reading: Patents reveal Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake
These patent drawings give the best indication yet as to the look of the forthcoming CLS Shooting Brake
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3 June 2012

The final look of the Mercedes-Benz CLS Shooting Brake has been revealed in these leaked patent drawings. 

The CLS Shooting Brake, one of Mercedes’ new range of design–led niche models created to give the German maker an image boost, is tipped to make its world debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month.

While the front of the car mirrors the standard four-door CLS, the rear of the car is unique. The roofline, rear window and tailgate are sharply raked for a sleek profile, and there are also pronounced rear LED lights.


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3 June 2012

I for one am very happy the shootbreak is making a comback though i am still not totally sold on Mercs new corp' front end ..



3 July 2014
Yes, we can see such. The CLS shooting brake has really a unique rear end styling. Such new concept in this lovely Mercedes may bring a lot of plus point to this vehicle. The car maker who concerns more on the user friendly aspects then the vehicle gain more demand. Because as people are investing a lot of money so it is very much obvious that they will think of a best car available for them with all features having inside and safety is there. As mentioned here about the brakes we have to stay alert about the vehicles each part. Because a single error can result in heavy crash and accidents. I have a BMW vehicle and I never miss out its any servicing. I have a note prepared have a track of its servicing dates so that I can know when my vehicle needs to be serviced. When we think, our vehicle needs any repair then it is better to get better repair and servicing and pay genuine. The best idea is to go for some professional technicians or for some professional repair centers.

3 June 2012

Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit lard-arsed? I like it as far as the back wheels but the rear overhang is excessive and the whole tailgate area looks too heavy.  Still, I will be looking for a second hander in about 3 or 4 years time.

3 June 2012

Very sexy! I'd have an AMG version if I could afford one!

3 June 2012 what exactly are they patenting? ...The angle of the sloping roofline on a 'shooting brake' estate?? or are they trying to define and protect the term for the next 20 years....

4 June 2012

They are unlikely to be patenting anything, more likely they will be registering the design, ie the general shape, form and proportions. They could only have a chance of patenting any specific feature of the external design, and then they would need to be sure it was wholly novel (unlikely). Design registrations are submitted at the European Patent Office and it is a very simple process to search both recent patent and design registration submissions on their site.

Autocar continually get this wrong and should understand the difference between a design registration and a patent.


3 June 2012

This is not the production version of the CLS Shooting Brake – this is the concept car we saw some time ago. Look at the side mirrors, the front and rthe ear bumper; this is the concept. I'm pretty sure the final design will include the same rear lights as the four-door-coupé-CLS and not the concept car's ones we can see here.

5 June 2012

Either way those wide rear lights do nothing for giving the load area easy access, but hey if it's a Shooting Brake and not an estate it doesnt have to actually BE practical, it just has to look a bit more practical but still look cooler than a normal estate presumably.

11 July 2013
It is leakage cases like this that causes rival makers to produce similar or even better parts and accessories. Mercedes has implemented such an advanced technology, and soon enough we can anticipate rival luxury makers like BMW and such to follow suit or introduce something even better. Other than that, this leakage could probably be executed on purpose as a form of publicity stunt and advertising purposes. The people to really benefit from all these are the end consumers who get top notch quality cars and underlining accessories.

15 May 2014
Most if the time problems in car can be occur due to the mechanical fault. Or the ignorance while creating these.


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