Tesla CEO Elon Musk said difficulties in Model 3 production line, as well as relief efforts in Puerto Rico, have delayed launch

The all-electric Tesla lorry will have a range of 200-300 miles when it is unveiled on 16 November.

The vehicle's previous debut date was on 26 October, but Tesla boss Elon Musk delayed the official unveiling following production difficulties with the Model 3.

Read more about the Tesla Model 3's production bottlenecks here

Musk is using the extra three weeks to iron out 'production bottlenecks' on the Model 3 production line, as well as helping Puerto Rico with its power supply following Hurricane Maria. 

The bottlenecks have hindered Model 3 deliveries from Musk's initial delivery plan, set out in Tesla's second quarter plan, with 220 Model 3s delivered in the third quarter compared with a targeted 1500.

Musk first revealed an image of the lorry and gave details of its performance during an interview with academic media outlet TED in June. He also announced the product on social media, describing it as 'unreal', but did not give any further details on its capabilities.

According to reports from Reuters, Tesla is aiming to crack regional hauling in the US. The lorry is expected to have an advanced level of autonomy.

Musk claimed that the heavy-duty, long-range HGV is capable of the heaviest class of haulage permitted on US roads. The lorry is also claimed to produce greater torque than any lorry currently on the road and that it could pull a diesel-engined equivalent uphill in a contest.

Moreover, Musk insisted that the truck could be driven around "like a sports car" and that he was surprised by a development vehicle’s nimbleness when he drove it.

Much of the lorry’s styling is hidden in the preview, although the lights draw inspiration from the design of those on Tesla cars, with L-shaped daytime running lights.

Aerodynamics also appear to be a focus of the truck, which has a sleek, tapered cabin. The front section is hidden; whether it will have a long nose like US semi-lorries or a bluff front like European ones has yet to be seen. The latter is the more likely solution. 

Tesla also has a Model Y small SUV, an electric cargo van, a minibus and a pick-up truck all slated for introduction in the coming years.

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2 May 2017
Lorry! Bonkers British word. It's a truck! ;-)

25 August 2017

Yeah Ia gree I hate "lorry" truck sounds much better.

2 May 2017
Musk also claimed that the Tesla truck could be driven around ‘like a sports car’

What the hell is the point in that? What will be the top model, the GT3 RRS

2 May 2017
Long haul trucks have 12L diesel engines. Carry 1400L of fuel. Few hundred litres of ad-blue. Add to it a heavy transmission etc and Tesla making a truck or lorry as we call it here begins to make complete sense just like his sensational cars do.

15 September 2017

Where I live trucks (road trains) need a minimum range of 1,0000 km. Tesla won't deliver that in the near future.

2 May 2017
... that increasingly, the word 'lorry' is becoming restricted to older generations and official literature: I've noticed the majority of younger people prefer the word 'truck', seeing it as a cooler option in comparison. This follows a general trend for creeping Americanisms in our everyday speech and it's only a matter of time before 'lorry' becomes archaic. To people of my age a truck is a light commercial vehicle and a lorry is, well, a lorry, but I guess I'm becoming archaic too.

Wide cars in a world of narrow.

2 May 2017
Ignoring the truck/lorry debate,two questions spring to mind,what will be it's range and how long will the batteries take to recharge? Say if it had a 300 mile range and took an hour on a fast recharge then an independent operator could get a full day's work out of the vehicle and with a slow overnight trickle charge back to 100% battery output by the next day. It's going to mean that Tesla Inc has got to put some serious money into putting the charging infrastructure on to the highways and interstates so that the unit can compete with it's petrol/diesel equivalents. However from this first glimpse it looks terrific and I look forward to the LCV minibus,pick up & van to appear as well.

2 May 2017
Most haulage companies will not pay for overnight parking in truck stops/services, so where are we going to charge it properly. So it won't be much good for trampers (the guys that sleep in the truck). There has been a few attempts at electric trucks, all being a failure. Not saying Tesla can't crack it. Cab over trucks will only be allowed in Europe as the entire vehicle has to be a max of 55' in length. Most of the bonneted trucks run shorter trailers to keep within the law. I'd like to see it being driven like a sports car with a trailer full of hanging meat or a shipping container.

2 May 2017
The battery is going to have to be huge, the charging current ludicrous, unless they can go higher voltage instead and still keep it safe (any takers to plug in a 1500 volt charge cable in the rain?). I know, how about designing a vehicle that can carry a heavy load, runs cleanly on electricity but doesn't need to carry its power source around, you could call it an electric train!

2 May 2017
Maybe an alternate to charging is to have charging stations so that a battery could be exchanged for a freshly charged battery. This was in use in fork-lift trucks where batteries could be exchanged to enable extended operation, as more than likely the batteries for the vehicles are going to be leased along with the truck that shouldn't be an insurmountable problem


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