Currently reading: REVA launches lithium-ion G-Wiz
Lead-acid batteries replaced by faster-charging technology

Electric car company REVA has launched a lithium-ion battery version of its G-Wiz city car.

The new REVA G-Wiz, called REVA L-ion in Europe, has a range of 75 miles per charge and is capable of reaching a top speed of 50mph.

REVA has also developed a new fast-charge system that will allow the lithium-ion G-Wiz to achieve a 90 per cent charge in one hour. A full charge from the mains will take the L-ion six hours.

The REVA L-ion will go on sale in February, with the first cars expected to reach customers by May. Existing G-Wiz owners will be able to buy upgrade kits to convert their lead-acid battery vehicles to the more efficient lithium-ion battery later in the year.

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