Currently reading: Renault in talks with Nissan to build two new SUVs at Sunderland
Nissan Sunderland factory could get boost under alliance restructuring programme, reports claim, with production being moved from Spain

Nissan is in talks with alliance partner Renault to build two of the French brand’s SUV models at its Sunderland plant, the Financial Times is reporting. 

The Renault Kadjar and Renault Captur SUVs, which share their platforms with Nissan’s Nissan Qashqai and Nissan Juke respectively, are currently built in Spain. However, the two brands are looking to consolidate production, as well as boost the fortunes of Sunderland, Nissan’s flagship international factory. The FT cites two people familiar with the discussions. 

A major reshuffle is expected to result in Nissan cutting its overall production capacity by 20% in 2023, closing the firm’s Barcelona plant, which makes commercial vehicles for export. That plant had been running at just 30% capacity, reports suggest. 

A decision to move production of two of Renault’s most popular models to the UK would likely secure thousands of jobs at Sunderland. The plant’s future had been in doubt following Britain’s decision to leave the EU, with Nissan warning that tariffs on exports into the EU would put it in jeopardy. 

The move would also point to a reunification between Nissan and Renault, a relationship that looked strained after the arrest and subsequent escape of former alliance boss Carlos Ghosn.

Ghosn was instrumental in forming the alliance between the French and Japanese makers, which was at one time the world’s largest car-making group. Since then, in-fighting is said to have caused a rift between senior executives. 

The full strategy of restructuring Nissan’s European business will be outlined by new Nissan CEO Makoto Uchida on 28 May. The brand has struggled in the region, with problems being greatly compounded by the coronavirus crisis. 


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jagdavey 15 May 2020

Hard Brexit or not...........

I'm not supporting the Brexit camp, but if there is an hard Brexit the Pound will plummet & it'll be as cheap to make cars in the UK as it is in Poland!!!! So what's the boig worry???


scotty5 17 May 2020

The flip side

jagdavey wrote:

...the Pound will plummet & it'll be as cheap to make cars in the UK as it is in Poland!!!! So what's the boig worry???

The boig worry is the logic of people like you. Normally I'd ask people to explain their thought process but in your case, perhaps it's best we give it a miss.

If the rumour mill is correct ( I'll believe it when I see it ) then this must be a bitter pill to swallow for all the remoaners, I mean for 3yrs they've been telling us how manufacturing and investment would disappear if we went down the Brexit route.

It's also be a bitter pill to swallow for all those who keep telling us whenever a business closes, that it's easier to make a British worker redundant than mainland Europe. If this move were to go ahead then spare a thought for Spain. Spain has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe therefore the closure of a factory will be devastating to their local economy.

Rick Maverick 15 May 2020

Highly unlikely ....

..... the (class-leading) Captur production will shift to the UK.

Other than that, we're debating a rumor. Next month both Nissan and Renault will OFFICIALLY outline how the combo will save a combined $5 bn.

Also rumored: the discontinuation of the (fantastic) Scenic), (brilliant) Espace and (superb) Talisman. Replaced by two versions of the Morphoz SUV concept. Real lookers, as per Laurens vd Acker.



Boris9119 14 May 2020


Come on all you anti Brexit tossers that frequent this forum. What say you about this! Don't be shy now.

scrap 15 May 2020

Boris9119 wrote:

Boris9119 wrote:

Come on all you anti Brexit tossers that frequent this forum. What say you about this! Don't be shy now.


It's pointless having this discussion with you because you are too ignorant to understand the issues involved. Remember that Nissan got an audience and agreement from the PM last time this issue came up.

Boris9119 15 May 2020


Bravo to you scrap, you were the only one to step out from the shadows! I doubt not we both want what is best for the United Kingdom, albeit we come from different sides. Unfortunately neither side will be able to claim victory given the impossibility of eliminating in their entirety the effects both known and unknown of the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects or otherwise, posiive or negative on the overall economic position in the United Kingdom post Brexit. I guess that means you got a 'Get out of Jail' card for free to use a Monopoly euphemism!