VW’s hot SUV spied for the first time in years, suggesting a possible reveal in the coming months
11 April 2019

Volkswagen looks to be readying a range-topping R-branded performance version of the Tiguan SUV, with new spy images showing the car completely undisguised. 

While initially appearing to be an example of the high-end Tiguan R-Line, tell-tale signs that this is something more special include a visible intercooler behind the lower air intake, larger brakes and, most notably, the same quad tailpipes as the Golf R hatchback.

The last time a performance-enhanced Tiguan mule was seen testing in and around the Nürburgring was 2017, when snappers caught a prototype featuring a five-cylinder turbo motor likely sourced from the Audi RS Q3

Though VW officials have yet to comment, it is thought that a hot Tiguan was delayed for two significant reasons. First, the model was shuffled down the priority order while the group rushed to homologate its cars under the new WLTP testing regime. Second, the relaunch of Cupra as a separate brand in its own right meant a hot Ateca was pushed to the front of the development queue. 

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Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen’s compact SUV bulks up for a bigger slice of segment sales, but faces strong competition from the Volvo XC40 and Mazda CX-5

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The Tiguan R is expected to now feature the same 296bhp EA888 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit as found in a number of VW Group performance models, including the Cupra Ateca and Golf R. Mated to four-wheel drive and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, it should mean a 0-62mph time of around five seconds. Chassis upgrades will feature, too.

No confirmation of a launch date has been communicated yet. However, the sighting of these prototypes adds weight to earlier rumours that a Tiguan R would launch before the year is out. 

At the reveal of the smaller T-Roc R SUV, R division boss Jost Capito said that his task is to make the sub-brand “to Volkswagen what M is for BMW”. He went on to say: “For the future, the Golf and T-Roc will not be the only ones, that’s for sure.” 


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11 April 2019

this is awesome finally they have come to their senses and started listening to their costomers.


11 April 2019

Hopefully the styling will be kept on the subtle side as it's a good looking VW. Existing 230ps version probably makes more sense though, just a shame there's no manual version!

typos1 - Just can’t respect opinion

11 April 2019
xxxx wrote:

Hopefully the styling will be kept on the subtle side as it's a good looking VW. Existing 230ps version probably makes more sense though, just a shame there's no manual version!


Having taken some time to read a number of your posts, it seems there is a theme to most of them, that you "like" a car, then find a "reason" not to buy it, when in fact as in this case, there never was going to be the very option you wanted (manual gearbox) and this apparent deficiency, is your "get out clause". Why do you suggest you like a car enough to buy it, then get cold feet at the last minute, using this method?. As for making sense, surely the sensible version would be the 150, not the 230?.


Please respond and we can get a conversation going.



13 April 2019

I hope that you will have a good discussion; that said, i drive a SEAT with 150 ps at present and in a light body with a 6-speed manual gearbox, that engine zings with a fair bit of brio.

In a much heavier SUV, I am not sure that the 'sporting' character would be preserved, however; so perhaps 230 is the right level?


Now, on another tack: to the Editors of Autocar


I DO mind having to 'identify' myself every time I join a discussion here! Those pictures to click are a pain after a while. Surely, your boffins can devise some algorithm that will recognise regular readers and contibutors (IP addresses would be a good place to start, perhaps?)



11 April 2019

Oh goody a hot suv, so what is this in competition with other than its stablemates? Surely not BMW as that would be an Audi competitor.

11 April 2019
How can it be a Cupra Ateca rival? It is a Cupra Ateca.

12 April 2019
So the extremely dull and boring Volkswagen Tiguan gets more power to try and shake its fall asleep image. I really don't see this working, as a normal Tiguan is rubbish to drive when pushed in bends.

12 April 2019

...to ask VW to forget about going round corners quickly and ask VAG to make a more comfortable car with smaller wheels and tyres as per Lawrence Allans' article. Personally I couldn't care less and I suspect due to the "off centre" nature of these vehicles, softer suspension would mean that the "top bit" would be floppy like a dinghy and the occupants would feel sea sick.

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