Currently reading: Hot Volkswagen Tiguan R tests with Audi-derived five-cylinder engine
Detuned 2.5-litre unit from the TT RS and RS3 will make its way into VW’s hot SUV as the brand expands the R badge

The Volkswagen Tiguan will gain an R-badged hot model, which has been spotted testing at the Nürburgring with a five-cylinder engine. 

Although VW remains tight-lipped on the details, VW boss Herbert Diess previously revealed to Autocar that there is room in the R brand for expansion, with the first model most likely to be an SUV. Diess said that the Tiguan and other SUVs would not get GTI-badged cars, as the GTI brand will only be expanded as far as the new Up GTI.

The GTE brand is also has room for growth, said Diess, so a Tiguan GTE, as well as a T-Roc GTE are on the horizon. 

The Tiguan R will sit above the current range-topper, a 240bhp 2.0-litre BiTDi capable of 0-62mph in 6.5sec. It’s likely that the Tiguan R will reach 62mph closer to 5.0sec. 

Outwardly, the Tiguan R looks very similar to the range-topping R-Line trim of the cooking Tiguan, although the R’s price could edge closer to £46,000, matching the price difference between the highest-spec Golf diesel and Golf R range-topper.

Unlike the Golf R’s quad-tailpipe set-up, the Tiguan R development car bore two large rear exhausts, although this could change for production to match its hot hatchback sibling. The car has previously sported intersecting quad exhausts, akin to those on the 996 Porsche 911 Turbo. 

Unlike the Audi RS3 and Audi TT RS in which the 2.5-litre, five-cylinder unit is already used, the Tiguan R’s engine will not have 395bhp. Output is likely to be in excess of the Seat Ateca Cupra’s 300bhp to be similar to the Golf R’s 306bhp. The registration plates from both Volkswagen's native Wolfsburg and Audi's Ingolstadt hometown further suggests collaboration between the two on development of the car.

A debut at the Geneva motor show is most likely, given the T-Roc’s first public outing will be at the Frankfurt motor show in a few weeks' time. 

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biffabeau 6 September 2017

Golf R and Tiguan

I have had lots of big flash cars over the years.

2017, I decided I wanted to be low key and decided upon a Golf R.  Unfortunately the leasing deals were a rip off.  Last minute I got a good deal on a Tiguan 190.  The upsides are, I can fit a lot of stuff in it.  Quality is amazing, and, its not slow. I never test drove the car, I literally ordered it becuase of the price. But I have been so impressed.  Now, imagine, the practicality of a Tiguan, with a bit of 'R' thrown in.  Having had a Tiguan now, I can said, I would go for an R version.

I love the Golf, but if you have a lot of stuff, or live down a farm track like me, the Tiguan is just a little easier, daily.

michael knight 22 August 2017

farting machine

i personally hate this exhaust 'brap' that manufacturers are giving their sporty models at the moment. Merc A AMG's, Audi S3s all seem to have's not cool - it sounds completely flatulent and artificial.

Jimbbobw1977 22 August 2017

michael knight wrote:

michael knight wrote:

i personally hate this exhaust 'brap' that manufacturers are giving their sporty models at the moment. Merc A AMG's, Audi S3s all seem to have's not cool - it sounds completely flatulent and artificial.

i have to agree with you on that it just doesn't right at all. Problem I would imagine comes down to noise levels and environmental regulations 

marker 22 August 2017

The wrong niche

Funny how manufacturers seem to be filling every niche possible then creating new ones on top, but none of them ever seem to satisfy the niches that I would like to see !

I'm running a Golf R at the moment and objectively it's awesome to drive (crashy ride quality aside) but I just can't warm to its total lack of character - due mostly to it's 4 cylinder engine and artificially enhanced sound. Especially after the R32. Golf R with 5 cylinders and circa 330PS anyone ?