Morgan's new 'Wide Body' sports car is said to be the most dynamically capable car the British maker has ever built
18 December 2018

Morgan has confirmed it will be launching an all-new sports car next year to mark the firm's 110-year anniversary.

The new model, known internally as the 'Wide Body', is set to use an all-new bonded aluminium platform. Details are scarce, but the company says the new car will feature "a powertrain never before installed in a Morgan".

This year marks the 50th - and final - year of the Malvern-based maker fitting V8 engines to its cars. The final examples of the Aero 8 and Plus 8, fitted with BMW's N62 V8, will be kept for Morgan's heritage fleet. It is thought that a downsized, forced-induction six-cylinder engine will be used for an upcoming flagship model, due in the early 2020s - and this could be the powertrain used for next year's car.

Morgan claims the sports car is positioned above the Roadster, Plus 4 and 4/4 in performance terms, but is "not designed to be a direct replacement for the outging Plus 8 and Aero 8". Those models will be replaced in the next few years by the new flagship.

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The new car's chassis is said to be twice as stiff as the aluminium chassis used in previous flagship Morgans, which together with the new engine "will result in the most dynamically capable production Morgan ever", according to the firm.

Graham Chapman, Morgan's technology director, says next year's launch "is the culmintion of several years of unprecedented development in design and engineering for Morgan. This has produced the most advanced development programme in Morgan's history, the results of which we cannot wait to share with our customers worldwide". 

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18 December 2018

I'm sure that Morgan don't do platforms,they build cars with a chassis don't they,what engine would be nice would be GM's LT1 as installed in the C7 Corvette,nothing poncy like overhead cams or 32 valves, just pushrods and two valves per cylinder, Should that not be enough the General has supercharged versions that would give mind blowing performance as well


18 December 2018

This has been done before, it was called the AC Cobra-and don’t forget the Sunbeam Tiger! We have moved on,and even a Turbo V6 won’t last long before battery power takes over!



18 December 2018
You say we've moved on - I'd say backwards.

I don't want an over-complex, irreparable little boosted engine with bogus environmental claims and credentials.

Even AMGs come with Jesus sandles now. BMW Ms have long gone mung beans.

I look at the glorious madness offered in the USA with great envy.


18 December 2018

Please, not another cross-eyed creature like the Aero.

Love the electric three-wheeler though!

19 December 2018

No automaker is more deserving of respect for its clarity of vision and for remaining true to its identity than Morgan.

That sincerity is truly a breath of fresh air in a market (and world) dominated by soulless corporations more committed to quarterly earnings graphs than delivering a desirable product.

I look forward to seeing where they go with their latest offering.

20 December 2018

My guess, from that engine noise we heard from the video, is that engine is coming from the new 2019 Toyota Supra. A straight six giving about 380 hp.

All the doctors who wanted to forbid me to smoke and to drink are dead. ~ Jean Sibelius


27 December 2018
Protest wrote:

My guess, from that engine noise we heard from the video, is that engine is coming from the new 2019 Toyota Supra. A straight six giving about 380 hp.


So a BMW engine then...that has been mooted for months.

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