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New 4x4 Mini may not be launched until the Geneva motor show

The launch of the Mini 4x4 has been delayed again, according to reports.

Originally scheduled to be shown at this September's Frankfurt motor show, the 4x4's launch was put back to next January's Detroit motor show.

However, reports suggest that it has now been delayed until March's Geneva motor show, as the production facilities for the car are not yet in place.

The Mini, which is rumoured to be called either the Crossman or Countryman, will be built at Magna's plant in Austria.

However, in order to free up the capacity to do this BMW has to move its X3 production facilities to Spartanburg, South Carolina. This move has not yet been completed.

Nobody from Mini was available for comment.

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Uncle Mellow 27 October 2009

Re: Mini 4x4 launch 'delayed again'

Autocar wrote:
The launch of the Mini 4x4 has been delayed again, according to reports.

What on earth are we to do ! What a tragedy .How will we get to Tesco?

Bob Cat Brian 27 October 2009

Re: Mini 4x4 launch 'delayed again'

The whole MINI brand is a fashion brand. As small 4x4 crossovers are the current trend it makes perfect sense for MINI to make one. If they were 'staying true' to the original they would have made something like the Spiritual concepts of the late 90's rather than a car that looked like an original mini scaled by 1.5.

Old Toad 27 October 2009

Re: Mini 4x4 launch 'delayed again'

I suppose the nub of the matter is MINI as a brand has run out of ideas . I mean if they make the car any bigger the could call it a Maxi but it isnt innovative enough for that . I am old enough to remember the first Maxi was well ahead of its time. Tranverse engine hatchback 5 speed gearbox and a most amazing speedo that looked like a thermometer.

Oops I digress weve had the Clubman and First etc and an electric one . Maybe BMW needs a rethink and to design one as space efficient and light and comparitively cheap to run as the original.

I well know who yummy mummies are they are the buggers who try to knock me off my bike outside the village school when they deliver their kids the colossal 400yds or less from home . Actually I am wrong on that I clocked one who did a whole 180 yds.

Sorry folks I'm wandering off the point here but nearly being killed by bad yummy mummy drivers tends to focus the mind .