Currently reading: Jaguar Land Rover, Ford & BMW could open shared electric vehicle battery plant
A battery factory shared between Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and Ford is in the pipeline, as the three manufacturers gear up to take on Tesla

JLR is holding talks with Ford and BMW about building a battery factory for future electric vehicles.

Although in its early stages, it’s believed that Jaguar is keen to get the project started and build its first all-electric car, according to a report published by The Times.

All three companies have plans for their own electric vehicles, and with Tesla currently dominating the electric vehicle market, each is keen to grab its share of the growing demand.

JLR currently doesn’t have an electric vehicle in either its Jaguar or Land Rover ranges, so it doesn’t build its own EV batteries. Ford’s batteries for the Focus Electric are produced in collaboration with a subsidiary of LG, while BMW sources its batteries from Samsung. A joint battery factory between the brands would benefit all three manufacturers.

The plans fit the EV timescale for all three manufacturers. Jaguar is believed to already be developing its first all-electric car, based on the Jaguar F-Pace, although it remains tight-lipped on the model ahead of its unveiling.

Ford has also courted speculation that it will produce an electric model after it blocked Tesla’s attempt to use the ‘Model E’ moniker. The Model E name would be a nod to the Model T, as well as signifying the car’s electric powertrain.

An all-electric BMW i8 is also in the pipeline but will not come to fruition before the current model’s imminent mid-life refresh. BMW and Jaguar’s flirtation with the Formula E race series also signposts the brands’ electric vehicle ambitions.

When contacted for comment, spokesmen from both Jaguar Land Rover and Ford were unable to give any more information on the plans, which they described as "speculation". A BMW spokesman was unavailable for comment at the time of writing. 

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pauldodson 10 March 2017

Electric Vehicle Battery

In an electric vehicle the most common problems we have found the batteries. It puts a big impact on the performance of the electric vehicle, most probably due to chargeable batteries the performances of electric cars are quite impressive and therefore, we can get here that how with the joint venture of different vehicle brands, we can get a suitable solution for electric car batteries.
voyager12 28 July 2016

Why not become a customer of Tesla's giga plant...

and chose for improving Tesla's giga plant's economy of scale of which all involved will be able to benefit? Rather than make each others life miserable and having to charge your customers more.
concinnity 27 July 2016

Worlds largest selling electric car.

Isn't the world's largest selling electric car the Nissan Leaf, and not the much over-hyped Tesla which appears to be a triumph of marketing over reality?