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New hatch range goes on sale later this year, with prices starting at £10,795
Sam Sheehan
2 mins read
6 March 2018

Ford has pulled the wraps off the latest Ka+ and its all-new sibling, the Ka+ Active, before they go on sale later this year.

On show in Geneva, the five-door models are priced from £10,795 and come with a diesel engine option for the first time, as well as Ford’s latest infotainment technology, creating the most comprehensive Ka+ line-up yet.

Top of the list of aesthetic changes is a tweaked exterior design with larger headlights, a new front grille with a chrome surround and a more cleanly designed dashboard.

Key technical features include a 6.5in touchscreen that features the brand’s Sync 3 infotainment technology, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

The car comes as standard with automatic headlights, rain-sensing wipers and a heated windscreen. Automatic climate control and parking sensors are available as options.

The most efficient powertrain on offer is the new diesel, the 1.5-litre TDCi, which produces 94bhp and 159lb ft of torque, and is claimed to emit 99g/km of CO2.

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That diesel engine joins a 1.2-litre Ti-VCT petrol unit, which replaces the old car’s 1.2 Duratec. The new one is claimed to have improved torque and efficiency, although no figures are released at this time.

Both the diesel and petrol options are equipped with start/stop technology and comply with Euro 6 emissions regulations.


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Two trim levels are available for the regular Ka+, Studio and Zetec, while the new Active model sits above those and transforms the five-seater into a more rugged offering.

The Active version gets plastic wheel arch covers, 15in wheels and roof racks as standard. To enhance its off-road ability, its suspension is retuned for a smoother ride, while the car sits 23mm higher. The wheels are set at a wider track and there’s a larger front anti-roll bar.

Ford has fitted active rollover protection technology, which works with the car’s electronic stability control, to the Ka+ Active to reduce the chances of a rollover when the car is carrying heavy roof loads.

The outgoing Ka+ has been on sale since 2016. In that time, more than 61,000 units have been sold worldwide. Its rivals include the Vauxhall Viva, Volkswagen Up and Hyundai i10.

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5 February 2018

Well the active looks better than the ecosport

5 February 2018

I believe you'll find that the 61,000 units you write about are for European sales, not Worldwide ( That wouldn't be very impressive, would it? )


You'll also find that its main rival, the Dacia Sandero, handily outsold it 4 to 1 in that same period ( Set 16 - Dec 17 ). Still not that impressive.

5 February 2018

Who on earth will buy a diesel version of this, a citycar anyway? You'd have to be mad to choose that option now

5 February 2018

Mad, or like diesels, or do lots of miles.

5 February 2018

What are the chances that no dealer in the land will want these are demos, as approxomately none will be sold in the UK? Anything smaller than a Golf/Qashqai is hard to justify as a Diesel.

5 February 2018

Firstly both cars are so ugly and devoid of personality I actually feel sorry for them. Then why in the name of all that's holy fit an expensive heavy diesel option in a car that 95% of their potential Market do less than 10,000 miles a year. Suzuki etc have removed the option altogher from larger cars than this. Deserves to fail, like Ford's managerment

5 February 2018

How can they be both "ugly" AND "devoid of personality" ?! That doesnt make sense. Either theyre ugly, which gives them spme sort of personality, or they bland so they dont have personality, again, you cant have it boths ways !

5 February 2018

Of course you can be "ugly" AND "devoid of personality". One description is based on looks and the other is based on personality. Thanks for pointless observation.

5 February 2018

Yes, but we re talking cars here not people - if theyre ugly it gives them some sort of personality (even if its one you dont like), if theyre bland they appear to have no personality, thats what happens in the car world. I hate to tell you, but cars dont actually have any personality at all, theyre inanimate machines, its something car enthusiasts imply they have. Personally I thnk the Ka+ is bland.

5 February 2018

Gawd help us!!!!! the latest offering from Ford,is the latest product from the Ford India,why it's being sold here seems odd indeed,basically it's a slightly jacked up Ka+ with some plastic cladding and the entry level version costs £10,795 thats almost £2k more than where the Dacia Sandero Stepway strarts,why they're bothering with the diesel is questionable as well,sales of the series 2 Ka with the excellent FIAT Multijet engine were poor before the current slump in diesel car sales. Rather I think another reason why Ford sales in Blighty are a shadow of what they were forty years ago.


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