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BMW's concept car heritage laid bare: details and hi-res pictures

BMW has officially revealed a series of concept cars as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations of its Technik GmbH subsidiary.

The Technik GmbH division was founded as BMW Technik GmbH in 1985, with responsibility for "the development and construction of concept vehicles".

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In 2003 the division was rebranded as "BMW Forschung und Technik GmbH", shifting focus to developing technology that encompassed all types of BMW vehicles.

Highlights include a 1-series based fuel cell hybrid, rear-engined BMW people's car with a Mclaren style central seating position, a four-seat electric car, a Z1-style, V8-engined off-road buggy, an Ariel Atom style car and a lightweight coupe that pioneered the use of carbonfibre.

Today, around 200 people work for the division and responsible for developing technologies in the areas of vehicle engineering, hydrogen, alternative drive and energy management concepts, active safety and driver assistance systems, as well as information and communication.

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david RS 1 April 2010

Re: BMW's secret concept cars

Perhaps a big April fool ;-)

IainStirling 1 April 2010

Re: BMW's secret concept cars

david RS wrote:
They dared to output from the horrors museum the 5 GT!

I trailed one of these for the first time today. It is truly awful to look at.

karmagedon 1 April 2010

Re: BMW's secret concept cars

Just as well they were only concepts !! Must have been a bad day !