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Key official describes prospect of truck as 'an interesting proposition'; would rival upcoming Mercedes-Benz GLT

BMW could join its long-time rival Mercedes-Benz in the growing luxury pick-up truck market.

Asked whether rumours suggesting BMW had plans to enter the pick-up ranks were on the mark, BMW Australia managing director Marc Werner said: “We are looking at this closely," before adding: "a ute is certainly an interesting proposition.”

Werner’s comments are the first acknowledgment that BMW is looking at the possibilities of launching a pick-up truck.

It was recently revealed that BMW has a new global sales strategy to build more individual market-specific models, which has already produced a new front-wheel-drive 1 Series saloon for selected markets, including China.   

Werner, the former BMW area manager for such diverse markets as Japan, Russia, India and South Korea, refused to confirm whether detailed discussions on the possible introduction of a pick-up had already taken place at boardroom level. However, he said: “Here at BMW, we are constantly looking at market trends. We are always on the lookout for market opportunities and for further product derivatives that would be suitable for our customers.”

Werner’s comments have added fuel to recent rumours that BMW could broaden its model base to include selected commercial vehicles in the future, as part of joint venture operations with Toyota, whose Hi-Lux pick-up sells well in many markets.  

Mercedes-Benz shocked its luxury car rivals in 2015 by announcing plans to develop a Mercedes-Benz GLT pick-up based on the Nissan Navara.

BMW's lack of expertise in the commercial vehicle market is the main obstacle in the way of a BMW pick-up, although the mooted link-up with Toyota could open up new areas of potential growth.

BMW’s success in the luxury SUV market, with models ranging from the BMW X1 to the BMW X6, could also provide it with opportunities to develop a pick-up truck boasting greater refinement and performance than that being targeted by Mercedes-Benz, albeit for a higher price.  

In 2011, BMW’s M performance division released a series of photographs depicting an BMW M3-based pick-up truck as an April Fool’s day prank.


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david RS 23 July 2016


Long live the past !
No future !
Andy73 23 July 2016

Completely agree with Daniel

Completely agree with Daniel's comments. BMW built a brand based on aspirational sports saloons. Now it seems they, and many other brands, are perfectly happy to stick their badge on anything that will turn a profit. I remember reading, probably back in the 80's, a comment from the head of BMW UK that they would never sell more that 70,000 cars a year in the UK because it would damage their brand. Now it seems that all the so called premium manufacturers just want to sell as many cars as possible. I think it is a classic display of corporate greed.
concinnity 23 July 2016

Mercedes Benz's other trucks, vans and buses

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but Mercedes Benz already makes quite a large variety of trucks and vans and has done for fifty plus years. You might have seen one or two on a road near you, or even ridden on one of their buses. They are one of the worlds largest manufacturers of those too.
The last time I drove a Sprinter van it struck me more as a Transit competitor than a luxury vehicle but I suppose BMW could build a competitor to that too. And along those lines, perhaps a competitor to the Actros line of heavy trucks?