New upmaket electric saloon is set to rival the Tesla Model S; nine more EVs will come from Mercedes-Benz as its EQ electric family takes shape
1 August 2018

Mercedes-Benz is preparing to take on the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan and an electric-powered successor to the Jaguar XJ with a plush new zero-emissions saloon, spied here in early prototype guise for the first time at the German car maker’s engineering headquarters in Stuttgart.

The third model in Mercedes-Benz’s new EQ electric vehicle sub-brand’s upcoming line-up is planned to join the soon-to-be-unveiled EQ C SUV and a production version of the EQ A hatchback concept in showrooms in 2020. The new model will wear EQ S badges – a name officials suggest will means the upmarket model will offer a level of luxury, comfort and features consummate to the company’s traditional S-Class saloon.

The EQ S heads what the engineering boss of Mercedes-Benz’s EQ sub-brand, Michael Kelz, suggests will be a 10-strong electric vehicle model range by the middle of the next decade.

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Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class comes with fine engines and a typically laid-back dynamic character. Not one for the interested driver, but a good advert for being disinterested.

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But in a departure from the EQ C, which is based on existing underpinnings from the GLC, and the EQ A, which is set to adopt a modified A-class platform, the range-topping EQ S is set to become the first EQ model to be based on Mercedes-Benz’s dedicated MEA (modular electric architecture).

“We will have an electric car at the level of an S-Class, but it will not be an S-Class,” Kelz revealed to Autocar in an interview at the Geneva motor show in March.

Among the key engineering solutions included in the aluminium-intensive MEA platform is a flat floor structure.

Although heavily disguised, the early EQ S prototype, which is being used to test electric drivetrain components, hints at the shape of the future Mercedes-Benz EQ flagship. It is described as being between roughly the size of the third-generation CLS.

In terms of proportions, it uses a much shorter bonnet and more heavily raked windscreen than today’s S-Class. In combination with the flat floor structure and a close to three-metre-long wheelbase as well as less intrusion from the gearbox and transmission tunnel than in conventional combustion engine models, this is expected to provide the EQ S with greater interior space than the existing Mercedes-Benz range-topper.

The heavily curved roofline and relatively shallow glasshouse is similar to that seen on the latest CLS. However, secrecy surrounds the rear end of the EQ S,  which is completely hidden on the prototype captured here. While tradition suggests Mercedes-Benz will go with a conventional boot, similar to the CLS, Autocar understands the company could provide its new electric model with a liftback-style layout similar to that of the new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door.

The EQ S is expected to be powered by twin electric motors – one acting on the front axle and the other at the rear – providing permanent four-wheel drive. In the upcoming EQ C, this set-up delivers more than 400bhp and some 516lb ft. A lithium-ion battery boasting a capacity of around 90kWh is planned to provide a range of between 400 and 500km (248-311 miles).

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed the EQ S will be produced at its main Sindelfingen factory on the outskirts of Stuttgart. It is the third German plant earmarked to produce an EQ model, with the EQ C set to be built in Bremen and the EQ A planned to hail from the company’s compact car plant in Rastatt.

An additional EQ model, likely a yet-to-be-revealed GLB-based EQ B SUV model positioned below the EQ C, will also be produced at the Smart factory in Hambach, France.

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1 August 2018
Another luxury, range topping EV.

Still don't see an EV alternative to the vast majority of our driving needs.

Are manufacturers piloting the tech at the high end because the cureebt tech is too pricey and doesn't yet scale at the lower price mass market levels?

Still can't see my next few cars being an EV. I'm at the BMW 4 series end of the market, so not in the market to buy a £60k plus car.

1 August 2018

 Can we have that in English please......?

Peter Cavellini.

1 August 2018
Peter Cavellini wrote:

 Can we have that in English please......?

Yes sorry about that... very annoying that you can't edit posts... Meant to say where are the mainstream EVs, doesn't seem to be much between low end EV hatches and the super high end Taycans, Teslas and now another high end Merc EV.

1 August 2018
It think it's meant to say current :)

12 January 2019

The need for such alternative to fossil fuel automotive have paved way for hybrid and electric vehicles and companies like Mercedes stepping into the market by pushing such technologies seems to be a great deal without any doubt. Hope other manufacturers follow the same path. Trinity Builders Reviews

Taylor Shaw

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