Due at the Geneva motor show before going on sale in September, AMG's new GT will launch with 604bhp V8, with more powerful petrol-electric drivetrains to come in 2019
14 February 2018

Mercedes-AMG has released the more official testing pictures of its upcoming GT four-door model, which is due to be revealed in full at the Geneva motor show in March.

The new images, which include close-ups of the car with production bodywork undergoing wind tunnel testing, come shortly after the firm released three images of a disguised car. Both are part of a fleet that has been running "all over the world", but has given no further details about the machine, aside from its claimed aerodynamic prowess.

Autocar has previously revealed that engineers from Mercedes' performance arm are already working on an even harder version of the model, with sources predicting the variant will have in excess of 800bhp from a hybrid V8 powertrain.

The official images follow previous spy pictures of a car wearing a fixed rear wing. That suggests that the 'standard' GT four-door, which AMG boss Tobias Moers will soon be followed by a more focused model that has extra power and produces higher levels of downforce to rival the market's very fastest four-doors.

Fixed rear wings are normally reserved for AMG's most extreme models, such as Black Series or R variants. At this stage it appears the latter is more likely to be used on the GT four-door, so as not to steal the limelight from the upcoming Black Series version of the regular two-door GT.

AMG's decision to start development on a hotter GT four-door even before the regular car is revealed comes as part of its new product plan to launch variants sooner into each model's life cycle. In Detroit, where AMG recently launched its new hybrid 53 rangeMoers told Autocar that AMG "never stops with engineering development", suggesting that harder versions are worked on as soon as development on the car they're based on is completed.

He added that his personal opinion was that the four-door AMG model will be more successful than the company anticipates.

Previewed by the GT concept of 2017, the AMG GT four-door models will come with a range of EQ Power-branded petrol-electric hybrid drivelines featuring differing battery capacities, outputs and electric ranges.

The new Mercedes-AMG model has been conceived as an upmarket replacement for today’s CLS 63 and a rival to the Porsche Panamera. Sales for the production model are scheduled to begin in September 2018.

The car will be launched with the same 604bhp twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre petrol V8, nine-speed automatic gearbox and fully variable four-wheel drive system as the latest E63 S 4Matic, upon which it is largely based. However, Mercedes officials have said there are also concrete plans for it to be sold with hybrid drivelines from 2019 onwards - suggesting the spotted harder version could arrive as part of that line-up.

The decision to develop the car's new hybrid driveline with three differing battery capacities will allow Mercedes-AMG to offer the car with varying power outputs and ranges.

Although the finer details are still under wraps, Autocar has been told that the range-topping hybrid model is set to produce the same 805bhp and offer a similar 31-mile electric range as the GT Concept (pictured above and below).

The other versions under development are said to include a base hybrid driveline with 671bhp and a 19-mile range and a mid-range variant with 738bhp and a 25-mile range.

Sources suggest these units' modular nature will allow them to feature in other AMG models, including the successors to the GT Coupé and Roadster.

The hybrid driveline for the production version of the GT Concept uses AMG’s twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine, mounted longitudinally up front, in combination with an electric motor sited within the rear axle. The engine can send power to all four wheels, while the motor delivers power exclusively to the rear wheels.

AMG says the motor is networked with a combination of extremely light batteries. These have been developed in partnership with High Performance Powertrains, the British-based AMG sister company behind the 1000bhp petrol-electric driveline of the upcoming Project One hypercar.

The operation of the new petrol-electric powerplant has been derived from the hybrid unit used by the Mercedes-Benz Formula 1 team, with the battery charged while the car is being driven through brake energy recuperation and the aid of the petrol engine.

Formula E tie-up will help AMG 

Mercedes-Benz’s entry into the electric Formula E championship in 2018/19 will boost AMG’s development of hybrid and electric powertrains for the future, according to the company's development boss, Drummond Jacoy.

The firm’s recent Project One concept uses a powertrain similar to the hybrid employed by Mercedes in Formula 1.

“We work with Mercedes High Performance Engines who build the F1 engines, and now we’ll align with the Formula E project,” said Jacoy. “The entry is very recent, very now, and we’ve not sorted out exactly how it’s going to work – but there will be a close link to us as AMG.”

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17 March 2017
Isn't that the new CLS?

17 March 2017
Yes it is, now correctly named, but there will be a CLE, as mentioned, slightly smaller ? and aligned with the E class.The confusing thing is the middle range vehicles of Audi/BMW/Mercedes the A6-7/E class/5/6 four door coupe's have been always compared to the Panamera, which as we all know is in a different higher price league, more aligned with the 8/7/S class.Porsche do do make anything comparable to an RS7/M6/CLE.We perhaps wish they would, but they would not sell as well as the Porsche Trucks,the world has changed, not for the better,IMHO. This is now the "correct" Mercedes to compare to the Panamera.We still await the new RS8/8Grand Coupe


17 March 2017
So, will this car be based on the same platform as the E-class / CLE? That will really make it hard to argue for Mercedes-AMG that this is a genuine Panamera competitor


18 March 2017
[quote=PoleDancer]So, will this car be based on the same platform as the E-class / CLE? That will really make it hard to argue for Mercedes-AMG that this is a genuine Panamera competitor[/quote] Hi PoleDancer, Yes, it seems that this AMG GT model has E-class platform. However I may disagree that such detail create any issues to compete with Panamera.

17 March 2017
The man has actually written that the body will be 'longer, wider and shorter than the E Class'. (New paragraph) I fear he won't have heard of the CLS.

7 August 2017
eseaton wrote:

The man has actually written that the body will be 'longer, wider and shorter than the E Class'. (New paragraph) I fear he won't have heard of the CLS.

I wonder how they can make it both longer and shorter at the same time? That must be like making it wider and narrower simultaneously as well.

7 August 2017

I mean shorter as in height, but I see how it can easily be confused. Hopefully it's slightly clearer now

9 August 2017
Sam Sheehan wrote:

I mean shorter as in height, but I see how it can easily be confused. Hopefully it's slightly clearer now


The word you were searching for, but failed to find, was "lower".

18 March 2017
From what I understand the replacement for the current CLS will be called CLE, to better reflect the fact that it is (and has always been) a 4dr coupe version of the E Class, like the CLA is to the A Class. Although based on the E Class' platform this new AMG GT saloon is, I suspect, intended to be what the Rapide is/was to the DB9, the Panamera would, theoretically, be to a modern day 928 and what the 6 Series Gran Coupe is to the 6 Series range, basically a 4 door Grand Tourer. Although confusingly the next version of Mercedes' regular 2dr GT, the SL, is to share its underpinnings with the AMG GT sports car.

19 March 2017
It will a be great car. I think good for Simon Templar to his Volvo.


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