Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain commissioned this modernised take on Jaguar's classic saloon

Jaguar's Classic division has created a bespoke XJ6, which includes a number of modern features, ahead of the 50th anniversary of the XJ next year.

The car, which was built on commission for Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain, includes fixtures such as a built-in infotainment screen, LED headlights and push-button start. It is the result of more than 3500 hours of work by the Classic division, responsible in the past for continuation models, restorations and other heritage work.

McBrain’s XJ6 is the first bespoke publicised project by the division, which is more commonly associated with period-accurate restorations. The brand even had a customised Jaguar growler logo put on the steering wheel and wheel centre caps of the car.

2019 Jaguar XJ to be reborn as high-tech electric flagship

Custom bodywork differentiates the car from factory XJ6s while, on the inside, the upholstery has been reapplied in red, and modern features like remote central locking, a reversing camera and a 1100W sound system have also been added. Under the bonnet, three 2in SU carburettors have been installed at the drummer’s request, while quad tailpipes as part of a bespoke exhaust are finished in chrome at the rear.

Jaguar Land Rover Classic’s Coventry HQ was established last year and has already taken on a number of projects including building high-profile continuations of the D-Type, as well as restoring the recently discovered Land Rover launch car. That project is being used to celebrate the launch of the next Discovery, which is due for reveal at the end of the year.

Our Verdict

Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ is a thoroughly modern luxury saloon, and a brilliantly capable one

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Jaguar will be celebrating 50 years of XJ production in 2019, the same year in which it will reveal the next-generation model. Autocar understands that the next XJ will become the brand’s second full-electric model following the I-Pace, the production version of which is on display at the Geneva motor show.

The Coventry Motofest is a great way to get more people excited about cars

The new XJ, which is being developed alongside a new Range Rover variant – dubbed the Road Rover – is being shifted to electric power as the brand positions the model as a harbinger of change across its line-up; the 2003 XJ was the first aluminium Jaguar, while the current-generation XJ marked a seismic shift in the brand’s styling.

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6 March 2018

 Not a fan of a Red Leather, a bit old fashioned,but, if you like this then go buy it.

Peter Cavellini.

6 March 2018

I think Jaguar really needs to create a bespoke customisation program for its current models. Kind of like the programs offered by Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

Options on all current Jags are very limited.

  • 4 interior colour schemes that can't be modified.
  • A handful of underwhelming veneer options
  • Exterior colour options of Blue, Red or various shades of Grey (Whatever happened to British Racing Green???)

I really hope this is something they can sort as it is a major weak point in Jaguar's luxury ownership experience at present. 

6 March 2018

Well done Nicko a well done "reinterpretation" of a much loved classic here's a thought for you what about an XJ12C Coupe to go with it? now that would be something!!!!

6 March 2018


6 March 2018

Great, except for the wire wheels, never been a fan of them on anything other than classic sportscars!

Surprised an XJ6 was used as the base and not an XJ12 though.

6 March 2018

Whilst I might chose a different colour scheme if it were mine, somehow the purple and red combination works. The car retains it's elegance with subtle nods that it's been upgraded. Very nicely done.

6 March 2018
I say my piece, then explode.


7 March 2018

JLR are more then welcome to use my V12 XJ, this is a great retro mod that keeps the spirit and class of the original.

3500 hours x say £200 an hour, plus materials.....  you do the math, speachless....

yeah, the back just ran away from me

7 March 2018

Should be forced to sit in front of that for abuot 6 weeks.

My arse just went POP.

11 March 2018
hackjo wrote:

Should be forced to sit in front of that for abuot 6 weeks.



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