If you like cars, Britain is one of the best places in the world to live. There are so many motoring events on the calendar that a car nut can maintain their fix all year long, no problem.

Thing is, while we’re not short of events, it’s still quite an effort for someone who’s not particularly car mad to get interested in them. High ticket prices and limited access can make spending a day at a race track or motor show unappealing for the average person.

That’s where events like the Coventry Motofest step in. Quite literally located in the city centre of Coventry, this weekend-long ‘festival’ invites enthusiasts and random passers by to enjoy cars of all shapes and sizes by closing part of the central ring road and turning it into a temporary circuit.

It’s a simple formula: invite a few drivers and teams from far and wide reaches of the British motorsport industry, let them loose on the ‘circuit’ and allow the people to come and go as they please. And as today’s running showed, it’s one that works brilliantly.

Spectators gathered in their thousands to line the raised platforms of slip roads and bridges, watching everything from Senna Proctor in his Power Maxed Racing BTCC Vauxhall Astra to monstrous off-road racing trucks charge along the temporary course.