German firm re-evaluates sales predictions for 2009

The VW Group is predicting a better-than-expected 2009 in terms of new car sales.

VW had originally predicted that its new car sales would be down 10 per cent on 2008 levels, but the success of pan-European scrappage schemes, particularly in its home German market, caused it to re-assess its forecast.

Group sales chief Detlef Wittig said VW was now predicting sales would be down just five per cent on 2008, falling to 5.92 million units.

“That is our goal, and we are confident we can achieve this,” he said.

In 2008, VW’s sales were at its highest level ever, rising by 0.6 per cent on 2008 to 6.23m units. VW is the world’s third largest manufacturer, behind Toyota and General Motors.

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