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Speaking exclusively to Autocar, Morgan boss Steve Morris sets out the company's new plan and says he is “keen to move on” from the recent Charles Morgan affair

Morgan boss Steve Morris admits he is “keen to move on” from the furore that has resulted in the dismissal of Charles Morgan, grandson of the 103-year-old company’s founder.

Speaking exclusively to Autocar this morning he refused “to become publicly involved in the minutiae” of his board’s controversial decision, which is believed to have been made on disciplinary grounds.

When his appeal against dismissal was yesterday refused by the Morgan board, it was suggested that Charles Morgan’s next move might be to take his family company to an industrial tribunal, or to use his existing 30 per cent interest in the company to lead a buyout. Morris won’t speculate on either possibility: “This whole affair has been very difficult,” he says. “The important thing is we have a very successful sports car business with 180 employees.

"I believe it’s in everyone’s interest that we continue to operate it as efficiently as possible. What Charles chooses to do with his share of the company is his own affair.”

Morris says the priority for Morgan Technologies — the holding company since a group structure was introduced about a year ago — is to concentrate on preparing for a global dealer meeting on 25/26 November, at which a five-year plan for the marque will be revealed. However, he has already said “major expansion” is not on the agenda, and that there are no immediate plans for new models, which appears to contradict Charles Morgan’s recent assertions that “modernisation” is what the company needs.

“We don’t need massive growth and we don’t want to overstretch the company,” says Morris. “Selling sports cars as you’re going into winter isn’t easy in the UK and northern Europe, so at times like this we look to our markets further afield, which are doing well. Everything’s healthy here.

"We have the orders we need, and build levels are where we want them.” Might Charles Morgan yet heal his rift with the board and take a role in Morgan’s future? Perhaps at the global dealer gathering? Morris stops short of declaring this impossible. “It’s unlikely,” he says.

Steve Cropley

Steve Cropley Autocar
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Catalyst 9 December 2013

Morgan's Unique Future (?)

For a century the Morgan Family has pioneered in developing sports cars via creative hand-built sports car engineering. The primary focus has always been on the production of a most competitive (race or sports) car with high driver control control and feedback, a "sports car". Charles Morgan had risen to the current single "most-effective-CEO" of UK automobile engineering. If he does not lead the company as did his father, the Morgan Motor company will indeed follow TVR and even MG into oblivion (someone will buy the name -just as RR and Bentley, not the concept or quality). Morgan has never shirked from participating in the current forefront of sports-car development. Those that are excluding Charles from the future of Morgan are undermining Morgan's potential to lead into the future. Any increase in temporary cash-flow and profit will only be temporary! What are the current values of TVR or MG stock or corporate ownership? The exclusion of Charles as the CEO for the future has not been justified.. His drive across the USA as part of the 2012 GumBall raly certainly directly led to the three-wheel Morgan's rise to the top Morgan production car over the last two years. He gets no credit for this pioneering initiative! It is apparent that a fraction of the "stock" holders in Morgan are attempting to realize their cash flow by maximum cash flow in their direction. They have no apparent interest in developing new sports cars. The Marque will die without dynamic development. Charles is apparently at the forefront of future development!
Bullfinch 25 November 2013

Everyone's guessing.

None of you knows what Morgan did or didn't do, or has or hasn't said, or what is or isn't in his contract. You can't even be sure how many shares he owns in Morgan or controls, or what other family members think about him, the car company or its future. Indeed some of you probably have no experience at all in captaining a car company, family owned or otherwise, so why not shut up, sit back and wait to see what unfolds?
Peter Cavellini 2 November 2013

Well to be honest......!

I haven't seen in the last decade or so, any of Morgans new products,maybe they don't come North of the Border?,but anyway,maybe they should try making a Morgan saloon or something?