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Controversial ousting of Charles Morgan from the car company that bears his family's name is confirmed following an unsuccessful appeal

Charles Morgan has been formally dismissed from Morgan Technologies, following an unsuccessful appeal against the company's decision to remove him.

In a statement Morgan said: "I have been informed that Morgan has rejected my appeal and, as a result, I have been removed from Morgan Technologies.

"It is incredibly disappointing news for my family and myself. We remain very grateful for the expressions of support received from Morgan fans, workers and the public since this process began."

According to documents seen by Autocar, he was fired from Morgan on four counts of misconduct, including posing as chairman despite being demoted to strategy director.

"I have been dismissed on what I believe are very contentious grounds. Over the last 12 months, it was made increasingly clear that my philosophy to modernise Morgan did not fit with the philosophy of the current management," continued his statement.

"My view is that Morgan’s future cannot rely on its heritage alone. As such, I endeavoured to introduce our unique brand to new markets such as China; to take Morgan racing again; and to engage the passion of a new generation using social media, and by doing interesting things such as the Gumball Rally in a 3 Wheeler.

"My aim has been to give Morgan a bright future as an independent company. My record in business is something I look upon with pride – volumes doubled during my tenure and profits for the first six months of the year had increased dramatically to £1.2 million.

"I remain a major shareholder in the Morgan Motor Co and am concerned for its future. I will take time to consider my next actions and potentially explore other opportunities available to me."

Morgan was replaced as managing director of the firm in March, with then operations director Steve Morris taking the helm.

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bobyatesph 1 November 2013

morgan board

this result was inevitable.The board have obviously decided their view of Morgan Cars future was different to Mr Morgans.Time will tell, a short time!
spanco 31 October 2013

To find out the real story I

To find out the real story I think we're going to have to be patient. The truth behind these stories always comes out in the wash, eventually.... Just like what was the REAL story behind Bahar-gate at Lotus (which I'm itching to find out about), so the same will bubble to the surface here. I'm on the side of progress when it comes to modernisation. I absolutely agree that you've got to be careful not to upset your loyal customers by modernising too quickly, however, that has to be balanced with a considered evolution of the brand both in terms of existing and new clients, it's technology, it's overall operations (e.g. a return to racing) and taking advantage of opportunities in new markets without oversupplying. History has shown repeatedly in the automotive world that any business that doesn't evolve in alignment with it's core values, will eventually starve to death and die.
Cheltenhamshire 31 October 2013

Stitch up, greed or both?

So what if you made the companies profits grow Charles? Greed has ruined many a car company. I think the management are happy to make less per year but remain healthily profitable whilst maintaing low volumes which in turn means waiting lists which makes them more desirable. Nobody is going to buy a Morgan over a Porsche 911 just because they can get it in 6 weeks. However the reasons for his dismissal are a total stitch up, and indeed it seems a nonsense that you just appeal to the very people who want you gone to change their mind. They simply aren't going to, however it gives you a negotiating chip for a better severance package. It happened to me (not at Morgan obviously!!) so move on Charles but I think you have brought this on yourself.