Currently reading: Jaguar Land Rover opens giant Advanced Production Creation Centre
JLR's new £500 million Gaydon site is the UK's largest of its kind and will house 13,000 company employees

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has unveiled a new Advanced Product Creation Centre at its Gaydon HQ, on an expanded site now equal in area to 480 football pitches.

Widely known as the Gaydon Triangle because of its unusual layout, the £500 million centre will be a base for almost 13,000 engineers and becomes by far the largest car creation centre in the UK.

According to JLR CEO Sir Ralf Speth, the new centre will bring new efficiencies by combining the design, engineering and production purchasing functions of the company — all necessary for current and next-generation Jaguar and Land Rover models — under one roof for the first time in history.

JLR calls the new building complex “one of the UK’s most sustainable non-domestic buildings”. It's designed to further the group’s Destination Zero mission — to achieve zero emissions, zero accidents and zero congestion for its products and processes through what Speth calls “relentless innovation”. The idea, he adds, is to make societies safer and healthier and the environment cleaner. Almost 10% of the energy consumed by employees and processes at the Gaydon centre will be provided by vast, roof-mounted solar panels, while the rest will come entirely from renewable sources.

Today’s opening follows the recent announcement of a JLR plan to turn its venerable Castle Bromwich plant — where Spitfires were built during World War II — into the UK’s first specialist plant for premium electrified vehicles, starting with the new Jaguar XJ saloon.

JLR already claims important steps towards its Destination Zero, some of them on display at the centre’s opening. The company says it's already investing heavily in a future that will be autonomous, connected, electrified and shared. It's on track to deliver electrified versions of every Jaguar and Land Rover model by 2020 — including mild hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions of the rapturously received new Land Rover Defender.


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lobster 26 September 2019


There is a mismatch between the title and the first line of the text.

An Advanced PRODUCTION Creation centre would do production engineering (ie manufacturing)

An Advanced PRODUCT Creation Centre would do product development.



jonboy4969 27 September 2019

Umm, yes it is, they are

Umm, yes it is, they are producing parts at the site, brand new ones to ensure they are suitable for the next gen cars, they are using all sorts of new and high tech equipment to make to make these parts. 



Also, the moron that moans about laying off staff, well, the staff they laid off were not even JLR staff, they were contractors that were only on limited contracts anyway, so no loss there to staff, the site is also NOT built on the old test track site, but on green field land that was given permission to build, it has been ongoing for years, and we have visited the site many times over the last five years whilst pre-build work was completed upto a recent one where 95% of the site is completed and with staff inside already.



The company, like many other companies around the world are struggling at the moment for many reasons, however, not many are spending money to assist in getting them through the issues, and out the other side, with a range of great products that will carry on selling well.


NO ONE cares what some on here think, and stupid comments about sloppy roofs and school runs etc etc shows how pathetic some comments are becoming, the company is providing cars that people want to buy, which is why sales have gone from 150k to inexcess of 750k in 10 years, this maybe not a lot, so what, but they have also provided plants in China, India, South America and eastern Europe, all new and all paid for, they have expanded the reach of the company into many more territories, and regardless of the illinformed comments, they are not as unrealiable as some here would have you believe, we have had in our family many many JLR products, not one has been unreliable, NOT ONE, and i know no one with any new JLR product that has had issues.


Yes i am sure there are the odd one or two here and there, it is a fact of life, but not to the extreme that some tools, would have you believe, i have said it before and will say it again, the Germans are not as reliable as they would have you believe, and that factual, just check out the UK, EU and USA and other industry led recall sites. 

It is a shame that when a company produces great products people want to buy, the same old faces come out from the sewer and have to try and put a downer on it, well, no one takes any notice of you, we laugh at stupid comments, and how they come across as all knowing, well, you know nothing...............


hare1964 26 September 2019

Jaguar or Mercedes

I'm guessing the negative comments that are always aimed at Jaguar on these postings are from disgruntled ex-employees. I drive both Jaguar and Mercedes cars but would always gravitate to Jaguar if I had to buy one. Crap about better built is bull-shit.. but better drive always goes to the Jaguar.
CharlieBrown 26 September 2019

hare1964 wrote:

hare1964 wrote:

I'm guessing the negative comments that are always aimed at Jaguar on these postings are from disgruntled ex-employees. I drive both Jaguar and Mercedes cars but would always gravitate to Jaguar if I had to buy one. Crap about better built is bull-shit.. but better drive always goes to the Jaguar.

Or disgruntled customers more like 

Fluffs 27 September 2019

German Reliability the best ??

I was shocked when I saw this, BMW and Audi with worse reliabilty than Land Rover and Jaguar with Mercedes not doing much better??

Image result for jd power reliability 2019 uk

The Apprentice 26 September 2019

Hopely not full of

Hopely not full of millennials drawing more vehicles with wonky slopey roofs and more 'connectivity' electronics to distract drivers...

Hopefully has real engineers working on lighter chassis, more efficient engines, hybrid powertrains and more affordable EV technology.