Currently reading: Jaguar to end production of current XJ saloon in July
X351 model will depart after nine years on sale, with the firm's iconic flagship tipped for an electric reinvention in 2020
Felix Page Autocar writer
2 mins read
30 May 2019

Jaguar will shortly end production of its XJ saloon as it makes way for a new electric flagship to arrive next year. 

The final, eighth-generation XJ will leave the Castle Bromwich production line on 5 July, with the company having built more than 120,000 examples since launch. 

It has been a decade since the unveiling of the  X351 model in July 2009, making the XJ one of the oldest cars currently available in the UK. A mid-life facelift in 2015 subtly revised the exterior styling and added an upgraded media system.

In 2018, Jaguar unveiled the XJ50 special edition in celebration of the model’s 50th anniversary. Available in regular and long-wheelbase forms, it received the British brand’s 296bhp 3.0-litre petrol V6 and was good for 0-60mph in 6.2sec.

Despite its iconic status, the XJ has become Jaguar’s least popular model; the company shifted just 301 in December 2018, compared with 4492 F-Pace SUVs, 2252 XE compact saloons and 492 F-Type sports cars during the same month. 

The XJ is set to be reinvented as a flagship electric saloon for its ninth generation next year. While this hasn't yet been officially confirmed by Jaguar, a spokesman confirmed to Autocar that the marque intends “to continue the XJ nameplate”. 

The 2020 model will make a move upmarket as Jaguar aims to provide a luxury saloon on par with the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Given its zero-emissions powertrain, it will also rival the upcoming Porsche Taycan.

Such a radical reinvention is nothing new for the XJ; the 2002 X350 was Jaguar’s first aluminium model, while the X351 did away with the sloping body lines that had adorned every XJ since the 1968 original.


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30 May 2019
Felix, come on, the outgoing X351 XJ has the sweeping lines. The previous iterations of the XJ were classic 3 box designs. Typo or wrong specs?

30 May 2019

Surprised they haven't blamed Brexit for it's demise. Well not so far, but given time...

2 June 2019
scotty5 wrote:

Surprised they haven't blamed Brexit for it's demise. Well not so far, but given time...


Brexit will kill the UK car industry, but its advocates neither care nor will take any responsibility.

What a desperate state England has become. The stupidity of the human race in microcosm.

30 May 2019

I think the electric XJ will go on sale by the end of the year and will be made in Austria.... that will mean Jaguar will have got a second electric car to market faster than Audi and Mercedes

30 May 2019

Sadly, I could never like this iteration of the XJ. Neither the original nor the facelift could be accused of having grace. A bit like the current Range Rover, it just looks heavy and fails to hide it's bloated body.

If the preview images are to be believed, the next gen XJ will look slimmer, lower but equally spacious because the all electric power train can be hidden throughout the vehicle footprint.

I have loved Jaguars since the sixties and will be overjoyed to see a real return to form with the next XJ.

If JLR can get their Ingenium power train sorted to Premium Car standards and continue to improve their products in line with consumer expectations, we could see a rapid revival of sales to profitability. I wish them well  

30 May 2019

The XJ has always been on par with or better than the 7 series when it comes to luxury, admittedly not so much the S-Class, but its always been better to drive than both of them, to say otherwise is pure bollocks.. 

1 June 2019
Citytiger wrote:

The XJ has always been on par with or better than the 7 series when it comes to luxury, admittedly not so much the S-Class, but its always been better to drive than both of them, to say otherwise is pure bollocks.. 

I thought the same, how can it go up market to compete with the 7 etc when it already is a competitor for these cars? Yes it is a little long in the tooth now compared with its competition but it's always been in that class surely.

30 May 2019

The XJ is an amazing car, you can throw it around like an F-Type, and it is so well planted unlike teh s-class that wallows and slips, the BM is better than the Merc, but the XJ is superior than both.


And considering that the 2008 XJ looked like a 1968 XJ, how anyone can say that it looks rubbish, clearly knows nothing about design, and bring things into teh new Millenium, rather than harking back to the past every five minutes. 

The RR is the same, it has to move with the times, and for those that state they are going to be happy with teh new XJ, you have no idea what it will look like so please stop making silly comments on something you know nothing about as yet, this current XJ, is lighter, roomier, quicker, better specified and so on then the model before it, so again, how can the previous be better, when this one is superior in every way.Personally i like the look of the last old school XJ, but this current one, is also a greta looking car too. prettier than bother its German counterparts.

30 May 2019

It IS rubbish, always going wrong- so behind the curve tech wise and the massive depreciatiopn of this overweight oversized unreliable ugly vehicle.

Go electric and try again this time with a new design team- get rid of callum and get someone who is the future.

Goodbye and goodnight

30 May 2019

The XJ is a great car, but just seems slightly outdated. Another electric car has been on the cards for Jaguar for a long time. Its the obvious thing to do after the I-Pace's success. 

Given the amount of saloons they had, it was just a question of which one would fall to the blow of electricity. I think the XJ is the right choice, they can make a really premium offering of it. Ive no doubt it will go on to acheive as much success as its slightly higher-riding big brother.

I was originally looking for a more affordable electric offering in the form of the XF, but this is probably a better choice.


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