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New performance concept for Geneva boasts 256bhp from its 1.6-litre turbo engine
Julian Rendell
1 min read
6 March 2012

The Citroën DS4 Racing, unveiled at today's Geneva motor show extends the marque's hot Racing brand to the the DS4. The 256bhp engine is Citroën's most powerful road engine to date.

Officially the DS4 Racing is a concept, but the model is strongly-tipped to go into production, possibly early next year, to take on the Ford Focus ST and Renaultsport Megane.

See official images of the Citroën DS4 Racing concept

The heavily-boosted 1.6-litre turbo engine has been tuned by Citroën Racing and its 256bhp output is around 50bhp more than the Mini Countryman JCW and 60bhp more than the DS3 Racing, which both use the same PSA/BMW co-developed 1.6-litre four.

Despite the storming specific power output of 160bhp per litre, Citroën claims an impressive 155g/km of CO2. As yet, performance and economy figures are undisclosed, but if the production car shares the same output, a sub-six second 0-60 and 155mph limited top speed ought to be achievable.

In line with the Racing theme, the chassis is lowered 35mm and the front and rear tracks extensively widened — 55mm at the front and 75mm at the rear. Also bigger are the 19in wheels shod with 235/40 rubber.

There’s also a special paint job for the concept, featuring matt grey paint and a two-tone roof and wheels.

Julian Rendell

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24 February 2012

Looks suitably menacing and far more subtle than the DS3 racing. Like this lots. Not quite sure how the engine is going to feel though? Hope the extra power hasn't been created by using a larger, laggier turbo.

Does this also signal the introduction of a Peugeot 301 GTi too?

24 February 2012

Hell yeah!

24 February 2012

Now that looks soooo much better! It was never a bad looking car, just a little overwhelmed by the styling, but this brings it all together so much better.

Now I can see the point of the non opening rear windows. This is a 3-door car that has rear doors. It is one of the few with hidden rear doors that pulls it off properly

24 February 2012

Looks great!

The standard DS4 tries to look good but is a bit 'on stilts' this looks much more squat with a better stance.

254bhp from a 1.6.....ouch!!

24 February 2012

What do you call it when something is subtle and not subtle at the same time?

If it is well received —and I suspect it will be— Citroën should allow a somewhat longer production run than with the DS3 Racing. Such a car could do more for the company than they imagine.

24 February 2012

Matt grey paint...mmmmm...lovely.

24 February 2012

I'd buy this just because I don't like the SUV ride height of the normal DS4.

24 February 2012

Kind of 'doorman'-like, dressed in dark clothing but looks menacing. I really like it.

I've read this article and the proper press release (not much difference) a couple of times and can't see anywhere where driven wheels are mentioned. I'm presuming it's FWD, therefore. I know Mazda just about manage it with the MPS but 256bhp through the front wheels will be exciting, or awful.

24 February 2012

Ever since I went to see the DS4 and banged my head getting in, AFTER I’d climbed UP to do so, I’ve been expecting a sports suspension option to become available. I s’pose this just goes a little further. I’ve never thought the standard car looks like it’s meant to be up there.

24 February 2012

Nice... think I prefer the DS3R, but is the DS4 actually selling very well? The DS5 Racing (if that ever arrives) should prove to be quite a looker as well!...


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