Currently reading: Frankfurt show - Yo-Concept
The Russian firm's new concept features new design solutions and a sleek exterior

Russian carmaker Yo-Auto has revealed its latest concept at the Frankfurt motor show.

The sleek Yo-Concept - which is amongst a trio of hybrid vehicles from the new firm - has been designed to pave the way for future production models and includes innovative doors, which slide up and back through the car’s exterior to ease passenger access.

Other interesting styling features include a continuous three-quarter length glass windscreen and roof and full-length windows on each door, which can be raised and lowered.

Inside, the concept seats four and uses slim front seats to enhance interior space.

Powering the Yo-Concept is a range-extender petrol engine, which provides charge for the onboard batteries to drive the electric motors. Production of the Yo-Concept is not planned.


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