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Mercedes GP boss believes Michael Schumacher's fourth place in Spain shows he is back on form

Mercedes GP CEO Nick Fry believes Michael Schumacher's fourth place in Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix is evidence that the seven-time world champion has got his "sparkle" back.

Fry told Autosport that Schumacher's performance also revealed he had got his confidence back following a miserable outing three weeks ago in China.

"The sparkle is back," said Fry. "I think in China he was perplexed - that is the best word to use. Right from the beginning of Friday in Spain he was on it right from the start, and listening on the radio to Michael, there is the confidence back in his voice. He knows exactly what he wants from the car and he got all that could be had."

Despite Schumacher's stronger showing, Fry believes Mercedes is still some way behind title favourite Red Bull. Schumacher was one minute behind race winner Mark Webber in Spain.

"When you finish a minute behind, it is incredibly disappointing and the reality is that we have a lot of work to do," said Fry. "I frankly wouldn't expect the Red Bull to have such an advantage on other circuits, and I think this one particularly suited it.

"But even if it hasn't got that level of advantage, it has certainly got half a second on us and that is a lot to make up - so there is a lot of work to be done over the next month or so."

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Richard H 12 May 2010

Re: Schu gets his sparkle back

beachland2 wrote:

i think mercedes will find more updates than mclaren from now.

I can't see how you can say that,Merc have cut the workforce, under the guise of Brawn, so they are less likely to have updates than they would under the old regime because of lower resourses.

Rover P6 3500S 12 May 2010

Re: Schu gets his sparkle back

Richard H wrote:
I agree, Senna is more revered in death than he was in life.

Now, it's not to deny that Senna was a great driver: indeed, he was a brilliant driver, and, off-track, a total gentleman, in sharp contrast to bitchy Prost, but still, I think Fangio is the all-time great. Could Schumi or Senna have formed a life-long friendship with the ringleader of the gang that had kidnapped them? I think not. Fangio was just a brilliant person in every way, and no-one could take agin him without making fools of themselves.

Richard H 12 May 2010

Re: Schu gets his sparkle back

Rover P6 3500S wrote:
Yes, of course Schumi is a great driver, but you have to put his record 7 world titles into perspective: most of the competition really wasn't great at all. I'm pretty certain that, if we value quality over quantity, then Fangio or Senna Sr. would be better than Schumi. In fact, if Senna hadn't been killed when he was, Schumi would almost certainly never have become statistically the greatest F1 driver in history. Also - and here's the rub - like Senna Sr, Schumi did all sorts of irresponsible things on-track to get competitors out of the way: banging wheels, trying to push them off the track... Fangio would have hanged himself in shame at the mere thought of such ungentlemanly behaviour. If you can't win through your own skill alone, in my mind, you're not one of the all-time greats.

I agree, Senna is more revered in death than he was in life.