Currently reading: No bargains for coupé buyers

There’s little new-year cheer for anyone hoping to wangle a discount on one of the latest hot coupés.

Priciest of the lot is the Nissan 350Z which, with a minimum five-month waiting list, is already starting to command sizeable premiums over list price. Models fitted with the desirable GT pack and £1000 Rays alloy option are being advertised for as much as £31,500 in the classifieds. Naturally enough, with this sort of carpet-bagging going on there’s precious little chance of persuading a dealer to give you a discount.

The news is not much better for those of you with a Mazda RX-8 (pictured right) on your shopping list. Most dealers are reporting a wait and, even if you manage to find one in stock, you will still be paying list. The other alternative is to buy one through the classified ads, but the current mark-up is approaching two grand.

No surprise to learn that the situation’s exactly the same for the Chrysler Crossfire. Private ads are currently offering them at £30,000 – two and a half grand above list. Despite this,a dealer we spoke to indicated that the supply problems wouldn’t last more than acouple of months.

Slightly brighter news, though, if you fancy slapping down a deposit on an Audi TT V6. Discounts are hard to come by, but talking figures with a salesman should save you around £1000.

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