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Our reporters empty their notebooks to round up this week's gossip from across the automotive industry

This week's gossip from the automotive industry has news of the Bugatti Chiron's sales demographics, how Renault created the Clio RS16, Seat's brand image and the future of Audi's electric turbocharger.

Bugatti Chiron sales demographics

Fifteen of the 200 orders already taken for the Bugatti Chiron have come from the UK, and 65 of the 450 Veyrons made also have British owners. Of those 200 Chiron orders, 50% have come from existing Bugatti owners and the other 50% are from buyers who are new to the brand.

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SEAT's brand image

SEAT is to increase the promotion of its cars as being ‘Beautifully made in Barcelona’ after early tests revealed the slogan chimed with consumers and conveyed core values of being a youthful, spirited and design-led brand. A high-profile advertising partnership with ITV Mystery Dramas has already kicked off to raise the firm’s profile ahead of the dealership launch of the new Seat Ateca SUV in September.

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How Renault created the Clio RS16

Motorsport engineers were drafted in to help create the 271bhp Renault Clio RS16 concept in order to hit the record-breaking performance benchmarks, Renault Sport chief Patrice Ratti has revealed. He said: “We drew on experience around the company. Racing people add a new attitude, one that says ‘if you need this part by Friday, we will have a solution’.”

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The future of Audi's electric turbocharger

Audi's world-first electric turbocharger, or ‘electric powered compressor’ (EPC), will appear on a number of engines following its recent debut on the diesel V8 SQ7. For the SQ7, the EPC is performance-biased, but it can also be programmed to enhance fuel economy. The Valeo-supplied EPC can be used on petrol engines, too, and is expected to be used by other brands soon.

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