Currently reading: UK's new car market posts record-breaking growth
A continued rise in new car registrations last month means the UK's car market has broken its previous record for uninterrupted growth, last set in the 1980s

Sales in the UK's new car market have risen again in May, marking the longest-ever period of growth in history. A total of 194,032 new cars were registered last month, the highest total for the same period since 2004.

Registrations for 2014 have also passed one million, with 1,058,974 new cars sold so far this year. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) is forecasting total registrations this year of 2.4 million. SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes said: "The new car market has now grown in every month since March 2012 – the longest period of growth on record and a reflection of the UK’s ever-improving economic conditions.

"Over the past 27 months, increasingly confident consumers have been drawn to some fantastic new products, attracted by innovative technologies, improved fuel economy and competitive deals helping make a new car more affordable."

Ford has again lead the monthly sales charts with over 23,000 new cars registered, and is well ahead for the year so far, taking over 13 per cent of the car market. Close behind was Vauxhall with a ten per cent market share, ahead of Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes.

Best-sellers this month are the Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Golf, Vauxhall Corsa.

UK's best-selling cars in May 2014

1 Ford Fiesta 9450 units registered

2 Volkswagen Golf 7134

3 Vauxhall Corsa 6536

4 Ford Focus 5824

5 Vauxhall Astra 5035

6 Nissan Qashqai 4144

7 Audi A3 3886

8 Volkswagen Polo 3607

9 Fiat 500 2896

10 Vauxhall Mokka 2801

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john50 4 July 2014

In Car sales, UK is no-1

In Car sales, UK is no-1 position in the world. The company produces different kinds of cars every month according to the use of the the people. The company maintains a record of sales. Since 1980s the sales was average. But in the year 2004 it has crossed the sales record of previous years. It is the big achievement of the car industry in UK. According to users the cars have different cost. It depends on the different class of people. People buy cars which is suitable to them. For Best rate visit.
Cavalier 6 June 2014

Mokk (sic) surprise

Why the great surprise about the Mokka? It's a smart looking and purposeful car, well suited to a wide variety of people and as spacious inside as many a typical family hatchback whilst also being pretty comfortable and well equipped. And, with Vauxhall's prices always having room to manoeuvre and there being good deals around, what's not to like.
fadyady 5 June 2014

This must be the highest

Golf ever sneaked up the UK sales charts. Same goes for the A3. Do I hear corks popping in Wolfsburg and Inglostadt?
The presence of three SUVs in the top 10 is only a sign of the time. I do see a lot of Mokkas plying on the road.