Currently reading: Porsche considers ditching diesel from 2020
Chief executive Oliver Blume said current generation of diesel engines could be last

Porsche could remove diesel engines from its line-up at the end of this decade, the brand’s CEO has revealed.

Speaking to Reuters, Oliver Blume explained that diesel could be phased out once the current engine ranges reach the end of their lives.

"Of course we are looking into this issue," he said. "We have not made a decision on it."

Blume explained that such a move, which could be decided by 2020, would see Porsche models use petrol engines, plug-in hybrid drivetrains and electric motors in the next 15 years.

Diesel currently powers about 15% of new cars sold by Porsche, most of which are Porsche Cayennes (pictured) and Porsche Macans. But the brand's investment in electric technology has seen its hybrid model range, which includes the new Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo, grow, while the all-electric Mission E is due to launch in 2020.

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Cobnapint 19 July 2017


This archaic technology presently powers all the lorries you see, the vast majority of buses, delivery vans, fire engines, ambulances, canal boats, back up generators etc, etc, etc. It's alright you wishing this fuel away, but unless you can suggest a VIABLE alternative that won't send global CO2 levels through the roof (literally) like petrol would, you'll have to put up with it.

Ski Kid 18 July 2017

They make crap diesels Por he Audi VW

That is why they will give up Merccr BMW and JLR wELL AHEAD ONLY THE V8 ANY GOOD


fadyady 18 July 2017

At last sense

A good consideration at last from a Volkswagen Group car maker. Porsche probably won't ditch diesel but it's a positive consideration. Rest of the Volkswagen brands should do the same. Enough of spreading out this cheap archaic technology. German brands over all have made enough money selling these death traps. Even if the decision costs them they should bite the bullet and move to hybrid and other alternative power trains.
S2bear 19 July 2017

Cheap and archaic technology?

I'm not sure it's either cheaper or more archaic technology than petrol powered vehicles.  They're both fossil fuels so if you take the view that one is archaic then surely they're both pretty archaic in that respect?  

As far as I have read, EU6 permits diesels 1/2 the CO emissions that a petrol is allowed, the same particulate matter and, 1/3 more NOx per KM driven.  

As for the,  'German brands over all have made enough money selling these death traps' bit - are you saying that all German cars are death traps or all diesel powered (EU6 of course) cars are death traps?