Government and legislation

DVLA to scrap physical driving licences for online approach

Changes will move provisional licences online with a DVLA app arriving by 2024

17 September 2021
Government and legislation

Inside the industry: Why aren't politicians leading by example?

A recent investigation revealed only two UK ministers were running electric cars

30 August 2021
Government and legislation

New long-range BMW battery concept backed by UK government

Investment is part of a funding programme into green automotive technology totalling £91.7m

18 August 2021
Government and legislation

New Highway Code gives priority to cyclists and pedestrians

Changes are part of a £338 million funding effort to improve 'active travel' conditions

30 July 2021
Government and legislation

How the government plans to steer UK transport to net-zero by 2030

In an exclusive interview with Autocar, transport decarbonisation minister Rachel Maclean discusses limiting new ICE car sales, being ‘technology-neutral’ and improving BEV charging

19 July 2021
Government and legislation

EU fines BMW, VW for colluding with Daimler on emissions tech

German car giants fined £750 million after European Commission rules they teamed up to avoid competing on new AdBlue tech

9 July 2021
Government and legislation

German consumers file emissions manipulation claim against Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes strongly rebukes claims that certain models are fitted with illegal emissions-altering devices

7 July 2021
Government and legislation

Vauxhall Mokka and Renault Kangoo earn four-star NCAP ratings

Vauxhall falls short of expectations while Cupra Leon, Mercedes GLA and Mercedes EQA achieve full five stars

7 July 2021
Electric cars

Car industry bosses want dedicated recovery plan from government

SMMT calls for UK government strategy to to help firms recover from pandemic and become EV leaders

29 June 2021
Government and legislation

Renault charged with deceit over diesel emissions investigation

Manufacturer says it has paid French court €20 million bail and denies all charges

9 June 2021