Imagine being in the new Land Rover Defender’s marketing team, and the trepidation you’d feel every time you clicked on a car magazine’s website or your social media feed – to find another shaky, grainy picture that’s meant to look like your new car. 

First came ‘the interior’, a picture of an early development car with ‘stop’ and ‘go’ written on the pedals, since when Land Rover says the inside has been developed rather a lot. 

Then last week it was ‘the Lego’, a picture apparently from the box of a Technic Lego set of the new Defender. Now, I grant you it’s easier to replicate a Defender in Lego than it is most cars, but before reckoning on the accuracy of the picture, have a look at what Lego thinks a Porsche 911 GT3 RS looks like

New Defender: exterior view of reborn 4x4 leaked online

And – at the point of writing – most recently it was ‘the instrument pack’. The new Defender will, it seems, have a wee picture of its own profile on start-up, between the two main dials, which was covertly snapped the other day. OR WAS IT COVERT? Yes, it probably was.