It must have been a wrench for Gerry McGovern and his forward-thinking designers to draw quite so heavily on the essential look of the first Range Rover Evoque for their second iteration, knowing for sure that a certain kind of critic would criticise them for it. Indeed, this has already happened. At a recent hacks’ preview McGovern looked more than slightly weary as he fielded questions on the matter.

Yet it is perfectly obvious why this approach is the best. The first Evoque scored one of the most phenomenal, sustained and unexpected successes in all British car-making history. Its unique lines struck an instant chord with everyone, whereupon McGovern’s celebrated bloody-mindedness ensured that their full value was delivered into production. No pretender has come up with a rival with anything like the visual impact. What fool would ditch such a design asset?

The second generation Evoque’s designers have contented themselves with refining every detail of the new model, taking extra-special trouble with surfacing, utilising latest technology (such as ever-slimmer LED headlights) and consoling themselves with the knowledge that as kerbside experts get more familiar with the new model, they’ll spot the modernisation more easily. It is there for all to see.

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