If the Range Rover Sport SVR really is faster than a Porsche Macan Turbo around the Nürburgring – which is what Land Rover now appears to be claiming – then I will eat my own hair.

Admittedly there’s not much left of it to munch on nowadays, but even so; how on earth does Land Rover expect us to believe that a 2.5-tonne leviathan like the Sport SVR can outrun a 500kg lighter rocket ship of a sporting SUV from Porsche, even if the über-Rangie does have the 542bhp engine from the XK RS?

Sorry folks, but I timed a Range Rover Sport against the far bigger, far heavier, quantifiably LESS rapid Cayenne Turbo around Brands Hatch last year for a video and the RR was three seconds slower than the Porsche. So even if the SVR version does have sportier suspension and a bit more poke and so on, there is no way that it could live with, let alone beat, a Macan Turbo around the 'Ring.