Go on then, I’ll tell you to save you having to google it. Liechtenstein is tucked between Switzerland and Austria. The local folk, all 35,000 of them, shop with Swiss francs, and speak German.

I had to look it up myself as well to be honest; yesterday morning, when I left Lille at 9am, I couldn’t even spell Liechtenstein without having a red squiggly line appear underneath it when I typed it into my computer, let alone claim to have ever been there or even accurately point to it on a map.

But last night we reached the tiny European principality, already deep into our 5000-mile, 20-country, 13-day road trip from England to Istanbul and back in a Nissan Qashqai. Isn’t it remarkable what you can achieve in a day?

What an interesting day it was. France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland are all now behind me, with Austria, Italy, Slovenia and hopefully Croatia ahead today.

Yesterday's 500-mile route has taken in fast European motorways (France’s good, Belgium’s dank and potholed, Germany’s fast, and Switzerland’s modern and undulating) and the city centres of Lillle (an interesting blend of old and new) and Strasbourg (one of the most beautiful cities you’re ever likely to see that I knew little of until today) in France and Luxembourg City (like a best of album produced between France, Belgium and Germany) in, erm, Luxembourg.