Just in case you’re still confused, the new Land Rover Discovery Sport is the replacement for the Freelander

Why have they axed such a popular name? Because it was only ever popular in the UK. In key markets like the USA and China it has no traction whatsoever.

Aligning the ‘family man’s’ Land Rover to the Discovery family is rather a smart move too. Not least because it extracts this model from the potentially overpowering shadows of the hugely successful Evoque

The Disco Sport certainly doesn’t look or feel like a dowdier version of the baby Range Rover. It’s also got the advantage of having a brilliantly packaged third row of seats.

One question will be asked of the Disco Sport though. With prices now starting the wrong side of £30k, is Land Rover in danger of leaving behind what used to be the Freelander’s core audience?

Clearly this is the route to profitability and cementing yourself as a premium brand (and no question Land Rover is one) but disenfranchising even those who aspire to buying one could be dicey. Especially when Audi and BMW SUVs can be bought for thousands less. 

Let’s hope we’re wrong on that one and in the meantime celebrate another great looking, world class Land Rover. 

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