The previous GT2 RS came with a Ludicrous Mode even before a Tesla came with a Ludicrous Mode.

Thing is, the 997-series GT2 RS of 2010 wasn’t labelled that way, and the mode just began from the moment you twisted the key and stayed on until you switched it off again.

Hardcore Porsche 911 GT2 RS makes debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed

With the 690bhp promised by this one, you might well be forgiven for thinking the same thing again. Especially given that 690bhp is a whopping amount of power to generate from only a 3.8-litre engine. Any engine that has attempted this specific output before has been a bit, well, ‘boosty’.

And so it might be again. Except that Porsche doesn’t seem to do ludicrous these days. Everything it does is wrapped up in a complete, rounded package and is honed to guarantee drivability alongside absurd pace. But there’s space for Porsche to let its hair down. Let’s hope it takes it.