I know Christmas is over but, whether or not you have been naughty or nice this year, it's still worth asking Santa for what you really, really want to drive.

There are so many great used cars out there and they offer great value for money. Just think how much happier you will be with a sports car than, say, a pair of hand-knitted socks.

We politely suggest that you leave this page open on your partner's/close friend's/mum’s laptop just in case Santa doesn’t get the message. Or, if all else fails, take a look at my used car buying guide.

Santa's Grotto – Super-saloon

If you were on Santa’s lap and he asked you what you wanted, chances are it would be a bit of everything. You know, supercar fast, comfy, room for all the family and dead sexy. Well, that could be a BMW M5 of course, but then a Jaguar S-type R is sensational value right now, so we’ll have one of those.

Luxury Hamper - Luxobarge

Oh yes, a bit of this, some of that and plenty of luxury, please. If you're going to enjoy Christmas in any meaningful way you really do need a great big comfy settee on wheels, perhaps even with four wheel drive. An Audi A8 quattro, then, would be truly wonderful, and it won’t fall over in the ice and snow.

Christmas Cracker –  Super-coupé

It depends on your definition of a cracker, but surely something that looked like an Aston Martin would be a good start. If you're on a budget then a DB7, or if you want to use it beyond Boxing Day then a DB9 for twice the price - but worth every penny.

Frosty the Snowman - 4x4

If previous years are anything to go by we're going to need some help to get through the snow drifts in order to get to all those parties we’ve been invited to. In the real world it should be a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Christmas Pudding – MPV

Big and a bit stodgy bit oh-so filling. Yes, there are times when we need to stuff not only the family inside but also friends, pets, luggage and pressies. Lots of pressies. We do love the Ford Galaxy but a Seat Alhambra makes a welcome change. It's big and well equipped and is roomy enough to get all the visiting relatives to the station on the day after Boxing Day.

Rudolf the Red - Ferrari