My fears about the number of no-shows at the Toky motor show this year have been confirmed. As was the case at the last Tokyo show in 2011, all the Americans have stayed away as have the Italians and Chinese. There are no ultra luxury British marques in attendance either.

It is their loss. This is a compact show yet still well attended by both the world’s press and the Japanese public. Stands are smaller, simpler and cheaper here than anywhere else in the world we regularly visit. Also because you don’t spend more than half your time walking between stands, it is a very efficient show for press, public and manufacturers alike: you simply get to more stands and see more while you’re there.

Some have taken the opportunity to clean up: mindful that Tokyo lies some 17 hours ahead of Los Angeles’ rival offering, both Jaguar and Porsche decided to attend both, pulling the wraps off the Macan and F-type Coupe on stands packed with the press. With so many no-shows, it was far easier for them to stand out here than they’d have done at the sprawling metropolis that makes up the Frankfurt show halls.