Whereas bigger, wealthier, better-resourced rivals such as BMW M, Audi Sport and Mercedes-AMG can afford to create performance versions of everything you probably think they should (as well as some they probably shouldn’t), Jaguar has to pick its battles wisely.

Jaguar F-Pace SVR revealed with sports car pace

Which is why there’s an Jaguar F-Pace SVR but no Jaguar XE SVR or Jaguar XF SVR: the business cases for the two saloons simply don’t add up. The standard cars themselves are struggling in all but China, and there isn't the volumes or demand for performance versions, nor the resources to develop them, however much of a shame that may be.

The F-Pace, meanwhile, continues to lead Jaguar’s comeback, and a performance version can only add to the car's kudos and credibility. It’s no underestimation to say that without the F-Pace, Jaguar would be looking over its shoulder rather than to a more prosperous, SUV-shaped future.

And now the F-Pace is solely flying the flag for the fast, five-seat Jaguars, too. 

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