Since Peter Schwarzenbauer took over as Mini chairman in 2013, he has often spoken of his 'five superheroes' strategy for the Mini range.

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His plan was to trim the fat from the bloated Mini line-up, axing the weird-looking models such as the Coupé, Roadster and Paceman, and instead focus on five core models - the superheroes - and push the brand upmarket and raise its maturity in the process. Or, in Schwarzenbauer's words, move Mini from a teenager to a young adult.

The three and five-door hatches are considered one superhero, and over the past 12 months, we've seen the second and third with the new Convertible and Clubman. At the LA show, we've been introduced to the fourth, the Countryman, and it was here where Schwarzenbauer at last revealed the identity of the fifth, a model subject to much speculation since he first outlined the superheroes plan.

It was not a production version of either the Superleggera or Rocketman concepts, both of which would be highly desirable but costly to develop and likely to have limited sales impact, but instead an all-electric version of an existing model.