Mini has unveiled a new version of its Rocketman concept, featuring "unmistakably British design features"
14 June 2012

A new edition of the ‘mini’ Mini Rocketman concept has been revealed, promoting parent company BMW’s involvement in the London 2012 Olympics.

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The Rocketman was previously shown at last year’s Geneva motor show, but this time around it sports a colour theme that's said to be inspired by the Union Flag, and includes a range of bespoke features. The concept will be displayed in the BMW Group Pavilion, close to the Olympic and Paralympics Village.

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Mini has finished the Rocketman in non-metallic paint with carbonfibre parts around the headlights and doors. The concept’s black 18-inch wheels have polished sections and red pinstriping.

The concept has a glass roof with illuminated braces to recreate the Union Flag. Integrated optical fibres indirectly light the interior.

The three-door, 3+1 seater is around 70cm shorter than the Mini Hatch and uses a carbonfibre-reinforced-plastic spaceframe chassis. It is designed to seat three with an additional seat available for extra journeys.

Mini’s latest incarnation of the Rocketman has seats trimmed in dark-blue nubuck leather and the surrounds for air-vents, door pulls and speakers have red and white rings. The cubby integrated into the armrest has miniature figures playing basketball and the doors have graphics bearing the name of every summer Olympic host city.

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14 June 2012

Basketball and not a Football match? Wouldn't that fit better with the "unmistakably British design features"?

14 June 2012

The basketball things looks naff.

However, as an overall package, I would much rather see this as a new 'MINI' than what I'm sure the next incarnation of the MINI will be - i.e bigger. 

I thought MINI had said they wouldn't be producing the Rocketman for production on cost grounds? Makes you wonder why they've decided to roll out another Concept, a la the run up to the MINI Clubman a few years back? 

Interesting. I'd look at buying one of these in a flash. But somehow I've a feeling it will never happen.

14 June 2012

Mini1 wrote:

I thought MINI had said they wouldn't be producing the Rocketman for production on cost grounds?

I think they said "at this time".

I guess as the cost of Carbon Fibre or similar technology comes down the likelihood of us seeing something like this will increase. I too think its a great idea, and judging by the number of Smart cars and IQs I see around I'm sure there would be a good market for it. But, as you say, its probably not going to be anytime soon.

14 June 2012

Basketball is not British! Dumpkoff.


14 June 2012

The Rocketman was the best concept you've shown since the recreation of the MINI brand. Naturally therefore this is pretty much the only one you decided not to let us buy.  So please stop with the "this is what you could have won" routine - either build it or stop teasing us.

Thank you!

14 June 2012

I think a lot of people would be more willing to accept the not so mini MINI's if there was a truly mini car in the range.

14 June 2012

Not content with foistering a "LHD" automatic and Clubman onto the British market, along with the Countryman (which is about as "mini" as the RMS Titanic), the ragged rag-tops (in either Roadster or Cabriolet formats) and the USA-style Coupe, we now have this abomination using the "styling cues" from the original Mini ...

Mind you, if you've got a classic cash cow, milk it for all its worth!! 

14 June 2012

BMW announces Rocketman TV product placement deal:

14 June 2012

Do I feel embarrassed just looking at the pictures?

15 June 2012

... I would applaude the idea of a Mini more in the spirit and dimensions of the original... maybe when it gets to production they'll have the good sense to remove all the frippery and poduce an affordable,  sweet driving little rollerskate that mimicks the original...  then again, maybe not...

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