The thought of an Alfa Romeo SUV several years ago would have been sacrilege, but today one has arrived with the unveiling of the Stelvio at the LA motor show.

Then again, we've used that word sacrilege about Porsche and Jaguar SUVs in recent years - and not only have the likes of the Cayenne, Macan and F-Pace been great cars to drive, they've also provided the profitably the brands need to allow them to develop the stuff we can really get excited about. It's win-win.

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That's what Alfa will be hoping for with the Stelvio. It's passed the first test: it looks a million dollars. In the metal it's svelte and sleek, and, importantly, unmistakably an Alfa Romeo. The crowd around it is vast, and few have done anything but nod with approval. A beautiful Alfa Romeo design works just as well on a SUV, we now know.