Several heavy downpours preceded Goodwood’s ‘Supercar Shootout’, which took place up the hill a short while ago, taking an already slippery track and making it even greasier.

The Supercar Runs are usually demonstration drives, but the Saturday afternoon Shootout is for those manufacturers who feel brave enough to put their cars against the stopwatch. And yours truly is fortunate enough to commentate on it.

Some 24 car makers were up for it, which is admirable given the conditions and that an ‘off’ here can be quite inconvenient (and expensive), and normally it’s lightweight track cars who’d fancy their chances the most. The conditions, though, favoured cars with four-wheel drive, and therefore the traction to exploit their power.

Step forward sometime Porsche Carrera Cup racer Paul Rees a the wheel of a Porsche 911 Turbo S, then, who set the fastest time at just 57.63sec.