Goodwood Festival of Speed

Racing lines: the stars shined at this year's Goodwood

Festival of Speed returned with American greats taking the spotlight

22 July 2021
Goodwood Festival of Speed

Ferrari SP2 Monza: First ride in ultra-rare speedster

This 812-based attention-seeker is all about getting the crowd on its feet, but climb aboard and you'll see magic behind the scenes as well

7 July 2019
Goodwood Festival of Speed

Mercedes-AMG A45: a sideways ride with drift mode engaged

Affalterbach's monstrous new hot hatchback proves four-wheel drive and tail-out fun can coexist

6 July 2019
Goodwood Festival of Speed

Radical Rapture: first ride in road-legal track weapon

This 765kg two-seater's twin-turbo four-pot packs 350bhp and exploits every bit of its potential. We go for a ride up the hill

4 July 2019
Apollo IE
Apollo’s hypercar turns heads, but can it open wallets?
Goodwood Festival of Speed

Matt Prior's column: how to run a small car company

This week, our Matt Prior discusses the topic of small car manufacturers and how so many get it wrong

3 August 2018
Alfa Romeo GTAm at Goodwood Sam Sheehan
The GTAm was one of the prettiest cars at Goodwood, no doubt about it
Goodwood Festival of Speed

What it's like to drive an Alfa Romeo GTAm at Goodwood

It has taken a day for our man’s hearing to return, but the buzz will stick around for a lot longer

16 July 2018
Goodwood Festival of Speed

The most impressive car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed is electric

The sight of a claimed 1360bhp being unleashed is jaw-dropping

14 July 2018
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Goodwood Festival of Speed

Steve Cropley: celebrating 70 years of Land Rover on the Goodwood hill

We rode in one of 70 iconic Land Rover models, a 1948 80in Series 1, that headed up the famous hill in celebration

12 July 2018
Porsche 911 GT2 RS
The Porsche 911 GT2 RS was unveiled at Goodwood
Goodwood Festival of Speed

How much longer will we be able to enjoy cars like the Porsche 911 GT2 RS?

Does electrification threaten our enjoyment of the sights and sounds of modern sports cars?

2 July 2017
McLaren 570S Spider
McLaren 570S Spider will likely become the firm's best seller
Goodwood Festival of Speed

The supercar maker whose best-selling model is going to be a convertible

Ten years ago it would have been unthinkable, but some of today's convertible supercars are just as engaging as their coupe equivalents

30 June 2017
Ecclestone Goodwood 2017
Bernie Ecclestone will be celebrated at Goodwood this year
Goodwood Festival of Speed

Is Ecclestone the right choice for Goodwood sculpture?

Bernie Ecclestone's role in transforming F1 will be celebrated by Goodwood - and he could be a controversial choice among Festival regulars

19 June 2017
Goodwood Festival of Speed

Honda NSX and Alfa Romeo 1750 GTAm: old guys rule

A trip back in time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed results in a driving epiphany

27 June 2016


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