The predictability of the Audi SQ5 shouldn't come as any surprise. It's a car not designed to innovate, nor one to particularly excite, just one to be a bit faster and firmer than the Audi Q5.

Such cars are fast becoming a real turn off. It's such a homogenised thing and I suspect it will be forgotten in the motoring history books almost as quickly as it will undoubtedly sell.

Yes, I get why such an approach exists: it's great for brand consistency and recognition, will do wonders for residual values, and there are many out there for whom a product with such high perceived quality and predictable driving manners and styling is enough.

It needn't be so bland though. The Audi Q8 sat next to the SQ5 on the Audi show stand in Detroit might not be everyone's cup of tea, but at least it's something different. It shows another way, that the firm can innovate with a new look and give products some character of their own, and not be so darn predictable.

Cars such as the SQ5 will have their day soon enough; the exciting new era of innovation caused by electrification and the packaging benefits will liberate designers to create more bespoke products. Just look at the VW ID Buzz for evidence of that. Hurry up, the future.