The suddenness with which Dyson has scrapped its electric car project will be as much of a jolt to the car industry as when the firm launched the project in the first place.

Company founder James Dyson had bold plans and a firm belief his company was developing ground-breaking technology that would set his car aside from the growing ranks of EV rivals. Given that, it’s genuinely startling that he has shuttered the project so quickly.

Dyson axes electric car project

But the decision also shows James Dyson’s business acumen. In his email to staff, he is adamant about the potential of the technology his company has developed for the car – particularly in terms of batteries – but it was the business case that just didn’t stack up. He simply couldn’t find a way to make the project financially viable.

In a way, it’s odd that realisation seemed to be a surprise to Dyson: just look at the challenges and travails of numerous EV start-ups. The obvious comparison is with Tesla, an EV firm founded by a well-funded car industry outsider with bold plans to utilise new techniques and technology to take on the car industry giants. Tesla has now proven itself a credible contender in the industry, but it is still struggling to turn sales, reputation and its huge brand strength into profits.