Cobbled yards seem to be a thing for me, Autocar and Skoda.

My first encounter with the Czech car maker came in 1993, in a sinister dark stone building where Volkswagen had set up a makeshift HQ. Just two years earlier VW had acquired a 30% stake in the privatised former-Communist manufacturer and I was on assignment to find out more about the new Favorit, which would be launched in 1994 as the Felicia.

Memories of this atmospheric setting came flooding back last week when Skoda revealed the facelifted Octavia in another cobbled yard, this time in Vienna at the art museum depository, to coincide with the city’s motor show.

The Octavia is Skoda’s global best seller, a position that fits its status as the spiritual successor to the Favorit as the right-size do-it-all hauler that motorises aspirational families all over the globe.