23 April 2013

The long-awaited seventh installment of the Volkswagen Golf GTI has proved to be a revelation. Specify it with a performance pack and you'll get power boosted to 227bhp and an electronically controlled mechanical limited slip diff, all of which makes a very good car even better.

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23 April 2013

I think this is almost the best looking Mk7 GTI. Red is the colour for me (hides the front red stripe well) but I prefer the purer looks of the 3-door. Nice all the same, but the GTI Performance definitely needs red GTI badges, not silver. Those who need to know, will then know. PS: Small point but please remember to turn off your mobile phone when filming. It's distracting to listen to the interference through the audio. Thanks.

23 April 2013

I've never been a fan of the Golf GTI. I've never been a fan of the Golf. Come to think of it, I've never been a fan of any VW. However, there's something rather appealing about this one, and it's the first time I'd ever consider one over any of its rivals. Something Steve didn't mention; the engine sounds fantastic too!

23 April 2013

Can't fault the car other than its somewhat staid looks and an exceptionally thick C-pillar. It leads the class in most other areas such as emissions, economy, etc.

Can't help feeling though that some of the optional extras such as the E-Diff and the adaptive chasis control should be standard on a car costing over 25 grand.


23 April 2013

but a 5 door DSG with damper control is £30k I assume small screen nav is  standard i.e. not the one shown and there will be no chance of a discount for a specific spec. involving the sport diff and damper control.  It's a lot for a smallish hatch with 230 ps. I know a Focus ST is hard to compare in some respects but I read you could  get a discounted ST1 for 19k for an ST2 would be ~20k. A helluva lot of difference.

23 April 2013

The pricing you mentioned is very interesting. And if you're speccing some extras even on a 3 door DSG, you are awfully close to M135i money...and that is a serious motor car.

23 April 2013

It just looks so bland, and you would have to be a real spotter to tell it apart from a standard bottom to middle of the range model with bigger alloys, still you can add a front and rear spoiler for £585 (on a Gti I would have expected those as standard).  I also wonder what effect the E-Diff will have on tyre wear..

23 April 2013

He did not comment because the sound is speaker generatedt, just like F10 M5 and M135i...

Tragic, at least with a sound tube you know the sound is from your engine...

23 April 2013

Was in the local Porsche dealership today and specced up a Cayman prior to ordering - apart from looks and engine, I am wondering if I should wait to drive the GTI. I had already driven the Cayman and enjoyed the experience but is the extra expenditure worth it?

23 April 2013

If you are willing to take advice from me Zeroboost then I'd recommend you buy a Cayman, not a Golf GTI. The Golf is a great car at what it does, but the Cayman is something else altogether. Buy one and you'll never regret it for an instant. Could you say the same about the GTI, hand on heart, I doubt it. You lucky sod you!

23 April 2013

Good vid!

Hmm, OK, I take it all back - in this vid, the front spoiler doesn't look too dumpy, nor do its horizontal slats look naff. Perhaps the red paint job helps?

Overall, this GTI rocks. Me likey. Me want.

But those slats will be a PITA to clean, mind; nice problem to have, though... 


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