23 April 2013

The long-awaited seventh installment of the Volkswagen Golf GTI has proved to be a revelation. Specify it with a performance pack and you'll get power boosted to 227bhp and an electronically controlled mechanical limited slip diff, all of which makes a very good car even better.


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evanstim 28 April 2013

That's a really poor quality video

I'm sorry, Autocar, but that is a REALLY poor quality video - I am surprised it was allowed it to be published

 - the lens on the camera inside the vehicle  is so greasy it clouds the video

 - the mobile phone distortion - couldn't you have edited that out? 

 - Steve's delivery is just woeful - he speaks in a dreary monotone, and he needs to learn how to pronounce consonants properly 

Back to the car - I'm genuinely torn between this and a BMW 125d. (I currently have a 123d and absolutely love it - the immense torque it deliveres is just incredible) The 123d needs replacing soon... 

manik 24 April 2013

RenaultSport Clio!!?

the equivalent Clio Sport will cost 10K less.  And its got proper fixed paddles


bobbyanderson 24 April 2013


I've always been a fan of the Golf GTIs, this one in particular is a very attractive package however I'm going to wait and see how the new Leon Cupra compares.  

The noise of the engine in the cabin sounded great from the video too, having experienced that system in an Ibiza Bocanegra, even though it is electronically generated, it does add a lot of pleasure to the overall driving experience.